ChroniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREn”All nature is but art, unknown to thee;nAll chance, direction, which thou canst not see;nAll discord, harmony not understood;nAll partial evil, universal good.”n— Alexander PopenPERSPECTIVEnVIEWSnLife in the Happy Valley by Katherine DaltonnA backyard approach to a happy life.nGood NewsnEight reasons why things aren’t as bad as you think:nby George Garrett, E. Christian KopfF, ChiltonnWilliamson Jr., Jane Greer, Odie B. Faulk, HaroldnO.J. Brown, John Shelton Reed, and Janet ScottnBarlow.nOPINIONSnA Durable Fire by George Gore 27nGeorge Garrett: Entered From the Sun.nA glorious close to a glorious trilogy.nThe Wonder of Academe by William H. Nolte 29nHarry S.. AshmoTe: Unseasonable Truths: The Lifenof Robert Maynard Hutchins. Remembering thenlast university president to say the emperor has nonclothes.nAffirmative Scholarship by Murray N. Rothbard 32nThomas Sowell: Preferential Policies: An InternationalnPerspective. Another flawed study of racenand ethnicity.nREVIEWSnIvan Doig brings his McCaskill trilogy to a worthynclose, says A. Carl Bredahl • KingsleynAmis’s latest novel is a delightful read, writesnJ.O. Tate • Gregory McNamee praises thenwrihngs of Andrei Godrescu • Ellis Amburn’snbook on Roy Orbison is biography as itinerary,nreports Janet Barlow • Wayne Lutton ap-nThe Loser in a Lawn Chair by Thomas FlemingnA Taoist guide to personal peace.n16n20n35nplauds Paul and Anne Ehrlich’s study ofnpopulation • Michael Warder recommendsnW. Bruce Lincoln’s The Great Reformsn12nCORRESPONDENCE —nLetter From Switzerland: Snow andnChocolates by Geoffrey WagnernLetter From the Lower Right: What 1 Didnon My Vacationnby John Shelton ReednThe Last JefFersoniannby Bill KauffmannVITAL SIGNSnThe Life of an ‘Old Republican’:nNathaniel Maconnby Clyde WilsonnDEPARTMENTSnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnPRINCIPALITIES & POWERSnby Samuel FrancisnPOETRYnSleepwalkernandnFor Goodness’ Sakenby Dabney StuartnON THE COVERnCover illustration by Emilia Fitz.nnn43n44n46n48n4n6n10n15n18nDECEMBER 1990/3n