Ln^pio^«r to teaeh y oiu* childntlie Bible — beautifullynFREE! This new $34.95 DELUXE EDIHON of “the bestnsummaiy of the Bible in stoiy form available anywhere”n-NORMAN VINCiNr PEALEnWonderful news! The classic C/i/WsStoo’^/Weby Catherine Vos isnnow updated by her daughter Marianne. But never fear, the newnversion isn’t too new. Explains Marianne Vos Radius:nThis new edition has been revised to conforai more closely to our modem idiom,nand to incorporate the many archaeological discoveries of the past thirty yearsnwhich have corroborated and confirmed the Biblical account every effort hasnbeen made to preserve my mother’s style, and especially to remain absolutelynfaithful to the Bible as the inspired and irtfallible Word of God The Bible text,nwhere it is directly quoted, is the King James Version.nThe children you love — don’t they deserve this lovely book?nNot only will it implant precious words in their minds and hearts, lessons thatnwill stay with them for a lifetime. More than that, the words come dressednbeautiMly. The children will sense the importance of this DELUXEnEDITION as they gaze upon and handle a book of beauty featuring…n• 39 classic ftill-color illustrations from the original edition—all of them fullpagensizen• 2 fiill-page maps in color; “Palestine During the Tribal Period” and “ThenNew Testament World and Paul’s Journeys”n• Presentation Page: the children will remember your gift all their livesn• Beautiful gold stamping on the cover ornamentationn• Handsome marbldzed endpaperen• Large golden ribbon place-markern• Big and impressive: 436 oversized 7 x 10 pagesn• EXTRA! “Some Words Explained”: a glossary of Bible terms — all definednin words the children can understandn-a.sifs.V, y.t ‘-ii *•-.n• •*>.„^n••», « -n. * = • ‘ ! – . • ” ” • ••’•«.n•^,•.ll.. ; i’n•^IJ.n-A’ iWn- n- JDnm^^ f-.n•/.”• -TBI m • “5 V-‘n*i 1 •n’••’I -rrflnj,Ln,•: 1 • *nkVV -•• . ” ‘n- ‘*n.’A .’V •.• A;nHow to get this beauty $34.95 vohmw FREEnHow the Club WoricsnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a &ee copy of the CJub Bulletin winch offeis younthe Featured Selection phis a good choice of Altanates — all of interest to conservatives.n• If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing; it wiD come automatkaly. • If youndon’t want the Featured Selection, or you do want an Ahemale, indkate your wishes onnthe handy card encksed witii your Bulletin and return it by the deadline date, -k Theni&:M^n:C.N;’^ . .nJ^# •nWm ”nR n(. S-, )~n]%nJ-nVMSInW.’^nnf’ni/^n^n• •&i^nHailed by authorities as “tndy magnificent”n”This truly magnificent work should be in every home where there are childrennand young people. Parents and Sunday school teachers will find it invaluable inngiving a tme inUoduction to the riches of God’s Word. The children thanseh«nwill love it and read it”—Sunday School Timesn”I have used The Child’s Story Bible for years with our own children andnrecommend it enthusiastically.”—MRS. BILLY GRAHAMn”The hundreds of thousands of persons who have been brought up on thisnbook, and are now looking for a Bible storybook for their own children, will atnonce recognize that these are the very same stories to which they as childrennlistened in wonderment.”—CA«s(to/i Reader’s ReviewnIIInCONSERVATIVE I!! BOOK CLUBn15 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, N.Y. 10528nPlease accept my membership in the Club and send FREE andnpostpaid the beautiful $34.95 DELUXE EDITION of Thenmajority of Club books wiB be offered at 20-5070 discounts, (^ a charge for shipping and Child’s Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos. I agree to buy 3 addi­nhandfing. • As soon as you buy and pay for 3 boc^ at regular LICENSED Club prices, your TO memUNZ.ORGntional books at regular Club prices over the next 18 months. InbeishiD may be ended at anv time eitiier bv ELECTRONIC vou or bv tiie Chib -* If REPRODUCTION vou ever receive a akn affree PROHIBITEDntn the Club rules snelled out in this counonn