7 was ordered to load up thenUnited States with drugs.n—Mario Estevez Gonzalez, Cuban intelligence agent, 1981nHere’s tKe bone-chillingnanswer why the “War onnDrugs” is getting nowhere:nThere is a conspiracy of silence tonprotect the guilty! Red Cocainencontains facts that U.S. officialsnwould prefer to ignore. In this frightening,nfully documented account, you willnlearn about Chinese and Soviet drugntrafficking operations… communistnlinks into terrorist groups and organizedncrime … how our “partners innperestroika” are using drugs to weakennus and enrich themselves.nYes, it is war. And we are losing,nbecause our own leaders refuse to namenthe enemy. We must demand that ourngovernment level with us about Sovietblocninvolvement in the drug trade.nYou must read Red Cocaine.nREUTERS/BETTMANN NEWSPHOTOSn’ ‘Deception and drugs arenour first two strategicnechelons in the tvar withncapitalism.”n—Nikita Kliru.shchev, 1963n’ ‘Drugs are considered to benthe best way to destroy thenUnited States. By underminingnthe will of Americannyouth, the enemy isndestroyed without firingnone bullet.”n—Major Juan Rodriguez,nCuban intelligence officer, 1988n”Drugs were used asnpolitical weapons. Thentarget was the youth of thenUnited States.”n—Antonio Farach, high-levelnNicaraguan official, 1984n”Red Cocaine at last blowsnthe lid off the mostnexplosive aspect of drugntrafficking, the Sovietnconnection. Here is thenshocking story of the druggingnof America by internationalncommunism.”n—Robin Moore, author ofnThe French Connectionn”This eye-opening booknproves the insidiousninvolvement of the Sovietnintelligence services innthe deliberate spread ofnthe drug menace in thenUnited States.”n—Chapman Pincher, author ofnSecret Offensiven•nWE^ I I want to know the shocking truth aboutn’ “l^* communist involvement in the druggingnof America. Send me copies of Red Cocainenat $19.95 per copy, plus $2.25 postage and handUng.nNamenAddressnCity State. Zip.nTelephonenPayment Enclosed for $nCharge My: n MasterCard D VisanCard No.nSignaturenCLARIONnHOUSEnnnOr call toll-free:n1-800-272-1996n_Exp.nCRN-lnP. O. Box 1878 • Ft. Collins, CO 80522n