“In my classes at Harvard,nthe answer is always morenLudwig von Mises, 1881 • 1973ngovernment. But not at thenMises University!” —Liam Ford, Harvard UniversitynFacultynMurray N. RothbardnUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasnRobert BatemarconMarymount CollegenWalter BlocknEraser InstitutenRoy E. CordatonInstitute for Research on thenEconomics of TaxationnThomas DiLorenzonUniversity of Tennessee,nChattanooganJohn EggernTowson State UniversitynRoger GarrisonnAuburn UniversitynDavid GordonnLudwig von Mises InstitutenJeffrey HerbenernWashington & Jefferson CollegenRobert HiggsnSeattle UniversitynHans-Hermann HoppenUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasnYuri N. Maltsevnformerly at the University ofnMarxism-Leninism, MoscownSheldon RichmannInstitute for Humane StudiesnLlewellyn H. RockwellnLudwig von Mises InstitutenJoseph SalernonPace UniversitynMark ThorntonnAuburn UniversitynThe Ludwig von Mises Institute’s O. P. Alford III Centernpresents, for the sixth year, the ultimate Austrian economicsnweek at Stanford University, July 7-14, 1991: the Mises Universitynunder the direction of the dean of the Austriannschool, Professor Murray N. Rothbard.nStudents specialize in their areas of interest, at the introductory,nintermediate, and advanced levels. The 65nclasses cover every aspect of economic theory. In addition tonworld-class teaching, included are pleasant dormitory housing;nthree excellent meals a day; study materials; librarynprivileges (4.5 million volumes); extensive cultural, recreational,nand athletic facilities; and a magnificent climate.nQualified graduate and undergraduate students aren$100. Some full scholarships and travel grants are availablenfor extraordinary students. Faculty members are $395. Fornan application, write or call: The Ludwig von Mises Institute,nMises Building, Auburn University, Alabama 36849,n(205) 844-2500.nAnd new this year is . . .nThe Mises WeekendnDesigned for non-economists, our new Mises Weekendnon Austrian economics and the free market is July 5-7, 1991,nalso at Stanford. The faculty includes Rothbard, Garrison,nHoppe, Maltsev, and Rockwell. The price of $325 includesnroom and board. For more information or reservations, writenor phone the Mises Institute.nnn