Are you disenchanted with thenideological climate of higher education?nACADEMIC QUESTIONS is thenjournal you have been waiting for!nACADEMICnQUESTIONSnEditornHerbert I LondonnSenior EditornStephen H. BalchnManaging EditornCarol lannonenConsulting EditornPeter ShawnHoward DickmannPublished quarterly, 4 times a yearnIndividual subscriptions S30nInstitutional subscriptions $60nOutside U.S. add $15/yr for surfacenmail; $30/yr for air mailnDomestic first-class $15/yrnIts aim is to be a catalyst for reassessment. To do so, itnpresents leading edge criticism of the premisesnunderlying education today.nLook for these features:nState of Scholarship… examining the achievements andnpretensions of scholarly disciplines, with articles bynVirginia Hyman, Michael Levin, and others.nReport from the Academy …scrutinizing what is reallynhappening at academic conferences, with articles bynJames Tuttleton, Peter Shaw, Carol lannpne, and others.nIssues lames Hitchcock on Father Curran and CatholicnUniversity, Max Hocutt on student evaluations, andnRobert losue on academic workloads.nAnd more…the Barbara Foley case at Northwestern,nextracts from the testimony of Rosalind Rosenberg, andnalternative student journalism.nACADEMIC QUESTIONS is the official journal of thenNational Association.of Scholars.nmntransactionnEDITORIAL ADVISORY B0ARD:||; #nMORRIS ABRAM former President;..^ ,^nBrondeis University GERTRUDE-•-‘nHIMMELFARB City University.of Nc’nYork PAUL HOLLANDER’UnivbrsitynMassachusetts, Amherst ,:• 1^’^$^”nIRVING LOUIS HOROWITZ Rutgers -L ^Ms.nUniversity IRVING KRISTOL New’Yorl?’ *???nUniversity LEO RADITSA St. John’si ‘^MnCollege, Annapolis STANLEY ROTHMAN^’nS.mith College EDWARD O. V/ILS6N;N fp’nHarvard University . ,..ntransaction publishersnDepartment 2000nRutgers-The State UniversitynNew Brunswick, New Jersey 08903nnn