PERSPECTIVEnVIEWSnProphet Sustained by Samuel Francis 14nJames Burnham and the managerial revolution.nTotalitarianism With a Capitalist Face 19nby Andrei NavrozovnThe progress of dictatorship in the Soviet Union.nThe Decline and Splendor of Nationalism 22nby Tomislav SunicnA key to understanding the political future ofnthe West.nRegression and Renewal by Harold O.J. Brown 26nThe prophecies of Pitirim Sorokin.nOPINIONSnMagna Mater, Full of Grace! by Chilton 30nWilliamson, Jr.nMax Oelschlaeger; The Idea of Wilderness: FromnPrehistory to the Age of Ecology.nThe River of the Mother of God and OthernEssays by Aldo Leopold, edited by Susan L.nFlader and J. Baird Callicott.nDeep ecology and the future of the environmentalnmovement.nThe Spirit of the Age by Matthew Scully 33nLewis H. Lapham: Imperial Masquerade: Essaysnby Lewis H. Lapham. Assessing who got what innthe 1980’s.nREVIEWSnJames Hitchcock recommends David Walsh’snAfter Ideology • Stephen Clark’s A Parliamentnof Souls reestablishes philosophy on firmernChroniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREnFlies Trapped in Honey by Thomas FlemingnCultural diabetes — our national malady.n35nground, argues E. Christian Kopff •nThomas Reeves’ A Question of Character separatesnthe facts from the fiction of the JFK legacy,nwrites William Murchison • J.O. Tatenpraises Fred Hobson’s The Southern Writer in thenPostmodern World • Mary Edwards Wertsch’snMilitary Brats hits the mark, says GregorynMcNamee •n10nCORRESPONDENCE^—nLetter From Cape Breton Island: The New 40nUtopians by Jigs GardnernLetter From the Lower Right: Space Invaders: 42nPart II by John Shelton ReednVITAL SIGNSnScouting and Sin: The Case Against the Boy 44nScouts by William GriggnRunning the Psychosocial Gauntlet: The 46nBureaucracy of Getting Married by AnnenMarie MorgannMy Aunt & Unamuno 48nby Ralph de ToledanonDEPARTMENTSnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnPOETRYnPetsnby John Nixon, Jr.nGoing to Groundnby David R. SlavittnON THE COVERnCover by Anna Mycek-Wodecki.nnn4n5n13n29nJANUARY 1992/3n