PERSPECTIVEn—- VIEWS —nThe Incredible Shrinking Woman by 18nJanet Scott BarlownFrom Stanwyck to Streep — tracing the devolutionnof women on the screen.nWho Is Sylvia? What Is She? by R.S. Gwynn 21nSome thoughts on American women poets.nFourth of July by Kit Reed 25nA short story.nOPINIONSnThe Way We Live by Chilton Williamson, Jr. 29nJames Lincoln Collier: The Rise of Selfishness innAmerica. The rise and fall of the Victorian ethic.nGetting Back to Nature by Kenneth Craycraft 32nMary Ann Glendon: Rights Talk: The Impoverishmentnof Political Discourse. Explaining America’sninfatuation with individual rights.nREVIEWSnMarshall DeRosa’s The Confederate Constitutionnof 1861 reminds us of an important but forgottenndocument, argues Clyde Wilson • BlairnAdams’ Who Owns the Children? shows whatnhappens when Uncle Sam plays parent, writesnC. Winsor Wheeler • Gertrude White recommendsnRobert Martin’s biography of GerardnManley Hopkins • Bill Kauffman says TerrynTeachout writes well of his own sissyhood in CitynLimits: Memories of a Small-Town Boy •nGregory McNamee has high praise for FrednChroniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREnMarriage — the Real Right to Privacynby Thomas FlemingnA plan for surviving the divorce revolution.n35n14nChappell’s More Shapes Than One •nCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Latvia: Choosing Independencenby Kelly CherrynLetter From Canada: A Guide to PoliticalnReform by Kenneth McDonaldnLetter From the Lower Right: Seeing thenWizard Off by John Shelton ReednVITAL SIGNSnThe Politics of Rape by Betsy Clarke 45nReproductive Tyranny: The New Technology 47nof Fertility Control by Anne Marie MorgannDEPARTMENTSnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnPRINCIPALITIES & POWERSnThe Middle-Class Momentnby Samuel FrancisnASK MISS MORALSnPOETRYnLeaving the Wasatchnby Ruth MoosenBlackberriesnby Gloria Whelann— ON THE COVERnCover by Anna Mycek-Wodecki,nnn41n42n43n4n4n12n31n20n24nMARCH 1992/3n