ChroniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREnPERSPECTIVEnVIEWSnFighting Drugs, Taking Liberties by Philip Jenkins 14nThe effects of the drug war on personal liberties.nTurning Bad Into Good by Graeme Newman 19nThe case for corporal, punishment.nVigilante Justice by Theodore Pappas 23nA case study.nOPINIONSnThe Leaning Tower of Babel 26nby Chilton Williamson, Jr.nJames Davison Hunter: Culture Wars: The Strugglento Define America.nWilliam J. Bennett: The De-Valuing of America:nThe Fight for Our Culture and Our Children.nArthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.: The Disuniting ofnAmerica: Reflections on a Multicultural Society.nThree attempts to explain America’s cultural plight.nThe Prophetic Voice of Donald Davidson 29nby M.E. BradfordnDonald Davidson: Regionalism and Nationalism innthe United States: The Attack on Leviathan.nRemembering the “stalwart defender of America’snpermanent things.”nREVIEWSnArnold Beichman reviews Andrei Navrozov’snThe Coming Order: Reflections on Sovietology andnthe Media •• Kenneth Craycraft surveysnGeorge Weigel’s essays in Freedom and Its Discontentsn•• Joseph Pappin III recommends PeternStanlis’s Edmund Burke: Enlightenment and Revolutionn••• Frank Brownlow examines the variednviews in Aidan Nichols’ Chesterton and the ModernistnCrisis and Ian Crowther’s Thinkers of OurnTime: G.K. Chesterton •• Gregory McNameenpraises John Jerome’s The Writing Trade: A Year innthe Life •••nLaw and/or Order by Thomas FlemingnWhy all civilization rests upon the executioner.n32nLetter From PrisonnLetter From New York:nTaxi Drivers and Minority Crimenby Richard IrvingnLetter From Georgia:nThe Price of Justicenby Randy SalzmannLetter From the West Indies:nCrime and Punishment Among the LastnEnglishmennby Geoffrey WagnernLetter From the Lower Right:nFight Them on the Beachesnby John Shelton ReednVITAL SIGNSnCoping With Street Crime by Murray N. Rothbard 47nVagrancy Law by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. 49nDEPARTMENTSnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSnPRINCIPALITIES & POWERSnNew World Baseballnby Samuel FrancisnPOETRYnFor the Creator of Bringing Up Fathernby John Nixon, Jr.nandnSemblancenby Paul Ramseyn— ON THE COVERnCover by Anna Kozlowskinnn10n39n41n42n44n45n4n5n13n18nMAY 1992/3n