Orthodox Catholics:nDONT DESPAIR!nAnne Roche Muggeridge, daughter-in-lawnof convert Malcolm Muggeridge, has said in hernrecent book. The Desolate City: Revolution innthe Catholic Church (Harper & Row): “Becausenthe integrity of its message has been betrayed,nthe Catholic Church is in ruins. Yet even nownthere are converts, of exceptionally high quality,nand their number is increasing with the tenure ofnthe present Pope. Catholics watched with a mixturenof pity and amusement as the excellent Anglo-CatholicnNew Oxford Review argued andnagonized itself into the [Roman] CatholicnChurch. I know a substantial number of recentnconverts like this and am much edified by theirnpurity and ardour. Seven of them are my godchildren,nand I must confess that some of us, tonour shame, earnestly tried to delay them, on thengrounds of the growing disorder in the CatholicnChurch. They forced their way past us anyway,nthank God. They come because at the highestnlevel of Catholic teaching, the doctrine of thenfaith, though much embattled, remains uncompromisednand is as fearlessly proclaimed by JohnnPaul II as by Peter, Paul, Ignatius, or Augustine.nThese new Catholics and the extraordinary Popento whom they belong are a very present comfortnwhen one is tempted to despair.”nOver the last quarter century, the numbernof converts to Roman Catholicism slowed to antrickle. But now, a new wave of converts is enteringnthe Church. What’s more, contrary to thenshibboleth that Catholicism is a superstitious religionnfor the ignorant, an unusually high proportionnof the new Catholics consists of writersnand intellectuals. Among them, it may be hoped,nis another Chesterton, another Maritain, anothernNewman, another Ronald Knox, another Doro­nSPECIAL DISCOUNT RATESnD One-year subscription $14 (regularly $19)nn One-year student, unemployed, or retired person’snsubscription $12 (regularly $16)nD Two-year subscription $23 (regularly $35)nNAME (Please print or type)nSTREET ADDRESSnCITY STATE ZIP CODEnnnthy Day, another Gerard Maniey Hopkins, anothernEdith Stein — converts all.nThe new converts are not attracted to thendiluted Catholicism of the Hans Kungs, thenCharles Currans, or those who sign ads favoringnlegal abortion. No, they are attracted by thenCatholicism of the ages, the Magisterium, andnthe inspiring leadership of the current Pope.nThe forum for the new generation of convertsnis the NEW OXFORD REVIEW, a monthlynmagazine that takes its name from the 19th-centurynOxford Movement in England. Today therenis a new Oxford Movement afoot in America.nAmong the converts to Roman Catholicism whonhave written for the REVIEW are Sheldon Vanauken,nJohn C. Cort, Walker Percy, L. Brent Bozell,nAvery Dulles, and Peter Kreeft. But the RE­nVIEW isn’t just for converts. Most of our writersnare cradle Catholics and a significant minoritynbelongs to various other churches. Amazingly,nwhile the REVIEW is a lightning rod for “papist”npilgrims, it is also ecumenical in spirit. And wencover the full range of issues of concern to today’snreflective and believing Christians, includingnthe quest for a more just and compassionatensociety.nIf you want to recapture the excitement ofnwhen you first really believed, if you feel inundatednby “bad news” about the Church, if youndespair of all the moral laxity and doubt and dissensionnwithin her portals but seek a remedy fornthat despair, or if you’re searching for a “face”nof Catholicism that is spiritually vibrant, solidlynprolife, doctrinally sound, and socially engaged,nit’s time for you to subscribe to the NEW OX­nFORD REVIEW!n(Please allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue)nFOR FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERSnn One-year Canadian or foreign subscription …. US$17n(regularly $22) Payment must be drawn in US DollarsnD Sample copy $3.50nSend coupon or letter. Make check payable to NEWnOXFORD REVIEW. Mail to:nNEW OXFORD REVIEWnRoom 606n1069 Kains Ave.nBerkeley, CA 94706nPAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY ORDERn