ChnonlclesrnA M A G A Z I N E OF A M E R I C A N C U L T U RErnPERSPECTIVErnMiddle American Gothicrnby Thomas FlemingrnAn Uzi in cverv closet.rnREVIEWSrnJoseph I,. Pappin III admirably deciphersrn’I’he Metaphysics of Edmund Burke, writes Peter J.rnStanlis • • Paul Gottfried finds much tornpraise in Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s ‘i’he Economicsrnand Ethics of Private Property • • Michael D.rn12rn16rn21rn26rnVIEWSrnWinning the Culture Warrnbv Samuel FrancisrnThe American cause.rnThere Are Left the Mountainsrnb Bill KauffmanrnAmerican writers and the perishing Republic.rnThe Plains States and America’s Futurernb Anthony HarriganrnIn praise of the untainted middle.rnLouis Bromfield’s Americarnby Allan CadsonrnOhio’s champion of the rooted life.rnOPINIONSrnThe Survival of the Fattest 30rnb Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnJim Robbins: The East Refuge: The EnvironmentalrnShowdown in Yellowstone and the American West.rnIn search of compromise between the Old Westrnand the New.rnMachine Politics 3?rnbv Murray N. RothbardrnIsabel Patcrson: I’he God of the Machine.rnRemembering a forgotten champion ofrnAmerican individualism.rn36rnAesehliman recommends Making Americans:rnAn Essay on IndividuaUsm and Money bvrnQucntin Anderson ••• Larry McMurtrv’s Streets ofrnEaredo is no Eonesome Dove, says Gregory McNameernCORRESPONDENCErnLetter From Indiana:rnThe Middle American Strugglernb’William L. Islev, Jr.rnLetter From Milwaukee:rnNew and Old Catholicismrnby Christopher CheckrnVITAL SIGNS —rnMaya Angelou’s Inaugural Poem:rnPlagiarized or Inspired?rnby John MeroneyrnNotes From the Immigration Frontrnby Ruth CoffeyrnThe Facts and Fiction of Election Reformsrnby Steven SchwalmrnMetaflieks: Jurassic Parkrnand The Fugitivernbv David R. SlavittrnDEPARTMENTSrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnPOETRYrnUnderwaterrnandrnMetamorphosisrnby Rudolph SchirmerrnWintering Overrnby Gloria WhelanrnON THE COVERrnCo-er design by Igor Kopelnitskv.rn40rn41rn43rn44rn47rn49rn20rn25rn42rnDECEMBER 1993/3rnrnrn