WHY ALL AMERICANS SHOULD SUPPORTrnA MORATORIUM ON IMMIGRATIONrnFACT: More alien workers entered the U.S. labor market in 1992 than jobs were created,rnaccording to Immigration Service and Department of Labor statistics. America’srndisadvantaged workers suffer disproportionately from the steady influx of lowskilled,rnlow-wage labor. The Zoe Baird incident was only the tip of the iceberg.rnFACT: The Census Bureau now projects that there will be 383 million Americans in 2050,rnlargely because of what The Washington Post describes as “massive immigration.”rnThat’s 50 percent more Americans than there are today, and 83 million more thanrnthe Census Bureau projected just four yeais ago.rnFACT: Thousands of illegal immigrants enter the country every day—2 million to 3 millionrna year. Even Clinton’s job stimulus package can’t employ all new immigrants whornare arriving. Fake documents are easily obtained, providing access to benefits meantrnfor legal residents.rnOur national political leadership is apparently unaware that a majority of Americans ofrnall ethnic backgrounds favor reduced immigration (Roper Poll, May 1992; Latino NationalrnPolitical Survey, December 1992). In fact, immigration policymakers seem more concernedrnwith pleasing the special interests than doing the will of the people they are elected to serve.rnThe Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)rnv^^ants to change tiiat.rnFAIR is working for a moratorium on immigrationrnuntil the United States can:rn• substantially eliminate illegal immigration;rn• establish a secure work authorization system;rn• revise immigration law to reduce overallrnnumbers; andrn• complete a comprehensive analysis of the long-tennrndemographic, environmental, cultural and economicrneffects of future immigration and populationrngrowth.rnJoin FAIR: We’re a national, pro-limits populationrnorganization working to stop illegal immigration andrncap legal immigration. It’s time for you to get involvedrnand help make a difference in America’s future.rnPlease enroll me asrna member of FAIR. f^MHrnI want to be a:rn• Sponsoring Member ($100)rn• Sustaining Member ($50)rn• Member ($25)rn• Please send me more informationrnabout FAIR. *rnNamernStreet ,rnCity _rnState- ZiprnPlease enclose a check or money orderrnand send to:rnFAIR, 1666 Connecticut Ave., N.W.rnSuite 400rnWashington, D.C. 20009 CH693rn/!rnJrnrnrn