Modern editions of classic works for today’s readers.rnTHE LIMITS OF STATE ACTIONrnNEWrnBy Wilhelm von HumboldtrnEdited by J. W. BurrowrnNearly two hundred years after its ormination, The Limits ofrnState Action remains an unsurpassed statement of the case forrnclassical liberalism.rn— Hillel Steiner, University of ManchesterrnWritten in 1792 by “Germany’s greatest philosopher ofrnfreedom,” as F. A. Hayek called him, this clear and directrndiscussion of freedom and individual responsibility arguesrnagainst state promotion of citizen welfare and staterninterference with private acts.rn162 + Ixii pages. Editor’s introduction, select bibliography,rnindex.rnHardcover $25.00 0-86597-108-0rnPaperback $ 7.50 0-86597-109-9rnALSO AVAILABLErnTHE PRINCIPLES OF ETHICSrnIn Two VolumesrnBy Herbert SpencerrnIntroduction by Tiber R. Machanrn’The study of Spencer’s ethics can shed neededrnlight on some or the intricacies of what isrndemonstrably the best perspective on the ethicalrnand political aspects of human life, namely thernmorality of rational self-interest and the politicsrnof the free society.” —Tibor Machan, in hisrnIntroductionrnHardcover $35.00 the set 0-913966-33-9rnPaperback $15.00 the set 0-913966-34-7rnUNION AND LIBERTY:rnTHE POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OFrnJOHN C. CALHOUNrnEdited by Ross M. Lencern”This volume is most welcome. At long last therncomplete texts of Calhoun’s Discourse andrnDisquisition, along with his major addresses, arernreadily available for students of Americanrnpolitical thought.” —George W. Carey,rnGeorgetown UniversityrnHardcover $35.00 0-86597-102-1rnPaperback $ 9.50 0-86597-103-XrnD Enclosed is my check.rnD Please send me a catalogue.rnPlease send me the following titles:rnName.rnAddress.rnCity.rnState/Zip.rnTo order by phone, call 800-955-8335; fax 317-577-9067.rnPrepayment by check, VISA, or MasterCard is required on all ordersrnnot for resale. We pay book rate postage on orders prepaid by check.rnPlease allow approximately four weeks for delivery.rnQuantity Title HC/PBrnSubtotalrnIndiana residents add 5% sales taxrnTotalrnAmountrnLIBERTY FUNDrnI 8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Dept. Q303, Indianapolis, IN 46250-16871rnrnrn