Eveiything you need to knowrnabout more thanrn19,000 songs overrnttie past 100 yearsrnGiant 7 x 10 volume of 1,600 pages if Every style of popularrnmusic: love songs/movie music/jazz/rock/sbow music/country/rnrhythm & blues/gospel/patriotic songsrnHere at your fingertips: the “biography” of just about everyrnsong since the late 19th century! You get the history of the songrn. . . the songwriters… key recordings from every e r a . . . moviesrnand shows that featured it . . . year of song’s debut plus revivalsrn. . . whether and when it placed on the charts. For example:rnHeaven Can Wait. w. Eddie DeLange, m. James Van Heusen, 1939.rnIntroduced and recorded by Tommy Dorsey, vocal by Jack Leonardrn(Victor). Other versions of this “Hit Parader” (eleven w/eeks, twicernas #1) by bands of Glen Gray’s Casa Loma (Decca); Kay Kyser, vocalrnby Harty Babbitt (Brunswick); Mitchell Ayres (Vocalion); VanrnAlexander (Bluebird).rn3 Massive SectionsrnTo help you find the song you’re looking for in seconds, this giantrnvolume comes in three huge parts:rn1. Over 19,000 songs, listed alphabetically.rn2. The songs listed by year, from 1888; then alphabetically withinrneach year.rn3. Index by composer and lyricist — ALL their significant songs.rnRobert Lissauer began his 50-year career in music working with IrvingrnBerlin in the most famous GI show of World War II, This Is the Army.rnHe’s been working in music publishing, producing musicals andrnwriting about popular music ever since. In this monumental reference,rnhis insider’s knowledge shows up on every page.rnHow the Club WorksrnEvery 4 weeks (13 times a year) you get a free copy of the Club bulletin,rnPREVIEWS, which offers the Featured Selection plus a nice choice of Alternates:rnbooks on films, TV, music, occasionally tapes and videocassettes. •*• If you want thernFeatured Selection or you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes on the handyrncard enclosed and return it by the deadline date. -A- The majority of Club books arernoffered at 20-30″?o discounts, plus a charge for shipping and handling. * As soon asrnyou buy and pay for 4 books at regular Club prices, your membership may be endedrnat any Ume, either by you or by the Club. * If you ever receive a Featured Selectionrnwithout having had 10 days to decide if you want it, you may return it at Qub expensernfor full aedit. * For every book, tape or videocassette you buy at regularrnClub price, you receive one or more Bonus Book Certificates. These entitle you tornbuy many Qub books at deep discounts, usually 60-80% off. These Bonus Booksrndo not count toward fulfilling your Qub obbgation but do enable you to buy finernbooks at giveaway prices. •*• PREVIEWS also includes news about members andrntheir hobbies. You are welcome to send in similar items. The Club will publish anyrnsuch item it deems suitable, FREE. This is a real CLUB! * Good service. No computers!rn•*• Only one membership per household.rnMOVIE/ENTERTAINMENT BOOK CLUBrn15 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, NY 10528rn1 enclose my check for $19.99. Please send me, at nornadditional cost, the $135 Encyclopedia of Popular Musicrnin America by Robert Lissauer. At the same time please acceptrnmy membership in the Movie/Entertainment BookrnClub. 1 agree to buy 4 additional books at regular Clubrnprices over the next 2 years. I also agree to the Club rulesrnspelled out in this coupon. CCUL-1rnNamernAddressrnCityrnState Ziprnrnrn