BACK to the BASICSrn(Or, if you prefer, FORWARD with the BASICS)rnClarence Carson began his work on basic texts for history, poHtics, and economics in 1982. With the pubhcationrnof BASIC AMERICAN GOVERNMENT in 1993, the work has been completed for the coverage of the UnitedrnStates. The Basic History was completed in 1986. Even before then—as the volumes came out serially—it was clearrnthat the work was generating more and more enthusiasm. The set has been reprinted at least once every year sincernit came out. Kis BASIC ECONOMICS came out and has been accepted for its lucid explanation of a dense subject.rnNow, with the publication of Dr. Carson’s long awaited BASIC AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, the basics are available.rnAt last, a book on American governmentrnrooted in the Constitution, spawned outrnof the Anglo-American experience, andrnviewed as the finest fruit of WesternrnCivilization.rnNow available in a 600 page handsomelyrnclothbound edition for only $32.95 perrncopy. Among its features are:rn•Focus on the written Constitutionrn•Emphasizes role of state as well as nationalrngovernmentrn•Highlights the founding principles ofrnlimited government and individual libertyrnthroughoutrn•Traces the founding principles back torntheir Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christianrnrootsrn’Yours is the best work on American governmentrnI have ever read in my life…;rnI’ve ordered it for. class this year.”—rnRobert E. Merritt, The Williams SchoolrnA BASIC HISTORY OF THE U.S. isrnavailable in 5 quality paperback volumes:rn ‘ rnVolume 1, The Colonial Experience $9rnVolume 2, The Beginning of the Republic $9rnVolume 3, The Sections and the Civil War $9rnVolume 4, The Growth of America $9rnVolume 5, The Welfare State $9rnAll 5 volumes shrink-wrapped as a set,rnonly $36.50! Over 1,300 pages, numerousrnillustrations, biographical sketches,rndocumented, a glossary, and fully indexed.rn”Carson’s Basic History …is the bestrnavailable today.”—^William P. Jasperrn”Dr. Carson … captures the color …, thernclash of controversy, the values we arernstill struggling to pass down to our children.rn”—Conservative Book ClubrnBASIC ECONOMICS is now well establishedrnas providing the basis for groundingrnin the fundamentals of economics.rnAvailable in hardback only, but the pricernhas been reduced to $16 per copy. A realrnbargain!rnAn Anglo-American economics, featuring:rn•Private propertyrn•Natural lawrn•Morality and free enterprisern•No nonsense explanations of money,rntrade, supply and demand, scarcity,rnproduction, competition and inflationrnIn addition, it has a glossary, is illustrated,rnand fully indexed.rn”To gain a solid working knowledge ofrneconomics, this is the book.”—JamesrnHarrisrnSPECIAL LIMITED OFFER: If you order any two of the above, you can subtract $5.00 from the total price. Orderrnall three and subtract $10.00 from total price. Special offer ends May 16. Order now! (Individual volumes of BasicrnHistory may be ordered at above price, but may not be counted for special offer.)rnA MERICANrnrjlEXTBOOKrnJ. /COMMITTEE C ROUTE 1, BOX 13rnWADLEY, ALABAMA 36276rnNamernYes, send:rncopy(ies) of BASIC AMERICAN GOVERNMENT @ $32.95 each $rnset(s) of BASIC HISTORY in 5 paperback volumes @ $36.50 each $rncopy(ies) of BASIC ECONOMICS, cloth only $16.00 each $rnTotal for order (at list price) $rnLess discount (if applicable)rnCheck or money order enclosed in amount $rnPostage paid on above orderrnAddressrnTotalrnCity StaternJrnZiprnrnrn