How did you go about investigating (Arthur) Schlesinger’s research?rnI took The Crisis of the Old Order and went through the CooHdge section line byrnline. I delved into the historical sources to see how Schlesinger’s writing squaredrnwith the relevant historical documents. What I discovered was that Schlesinger’srntreatment was almost a complete caricature from beginning to end. Almost everyrnsentence on Coolidge v^^as questionable. I concluded that almost every sentencerninvolved the deliberate or unconscious distortion of the historical record.rnCONTINUITYrnTHE ONLY CONSERVATIVE JOURNAL OF HISTORY IN AMERICArnWant to hear the full story? It’s in issuernNumber 16 of Continuity, the only conservativernjournal of history in America. Continuity is publishedrntwice yearly by Young America’srnFoundation and is dedicated to the study of historyrnas a search for truth for its own sake. In everyrnissue we challenge the liberal orthodoxies thatrndominate the study of history. You’ll find essaysrnand interviews by historians such as ForrestrnMcDonald, Russell Kirk, Grady McWhiney, JohnrnLukacs, Paul Gottfried, Robert James Maddox,rnFdward Shapiro and many more.rnSubscribe now and you’ll receive a complimentaryrncopy of the last issue of Continuity containingrnthe full interview highlighted above. Then we’llrnstart your subscription with the forthcoming issue.rnCONTINUITYrnNIIMHEKSIXTHIArnSPECIAL FEATURErnCimlidnv (inci Ihi- llis/oriaiisrnAn [[Uerview wiili Timings R, SilverrnRes|xinses Cit tho Silver ImervieurnUoiinrd Liia;iorn(Icoffic H. NashrnESSAYSrnEdward S. ShapirornLihenilism md ilu- ColleEe Him.r,- TatK„trnRobert Freeman SmithrnSroliLyMakiLiH for Latin America Under TriiirnHugh RagsdalcrnTlie Nature ol StalinismrnPolitical Carnand tlie QilumbLrs Controversy:rnA SympositrmrnCecilia Kirk, Russell Kirk. Wilcomb E. WashburnrnYouNC AMERICA’SrnSend this coupon to:rnContinuityrnc/o Young America’s FoundationrnThe F.M. Kirby Freedom Centerrn110 Elden StreetrnHerndon, Virginia 22070rn• Please enter my subscription to Continuity and send me a free copyrnof Issue Number 16. (Subscription rate is $12.00 for one year;rn$20.00 for two years.)rnNamernAddressrnCity State _Zip_rn• I have enclosed a check for $_rnto Continuity.rnfor my year subscriptionrnPlease make checks payable to Young America’s Foundation.rnrnrn