BACK I S S U E S of CHRONICLESrnKEEPING THE FAITH: LIFE IN POST-CHRISIIAN AMERICA—rnDecember 1994—Philip Jenkins on the radicahsin in thernF.piscopal Church, Thomas Fleming on the case for religiousrnboycotts, Thomas Molnar on the National Conference ofrnCatholic Bishops, and John Patrick Zmirak on AIDS andrnI lie u lath of God. Plus Jacob Neusncr on the left’s hijackingrnof Judaism, and Sanford Pinsker on affirmativernaction and the Lubavitcher Rebbc.rnLOST IN THE MAZE: CRIME IN AMERICA—Januaryrn1995—Philip Jenkins on serial murder andrnthe nature of evil, Steven Goldberg on black murder,rnThomas Fleming on crime and welfare, andrnSamuel Francis on globo-cop. Plus Derrick Turnerrnon Britain’s immigration crisis, and James Scruton onrnPeter Davison’s study of Boston poets, The FadingrnSmile.rnWORLD WAR II: THE REST OF IIIE SroRY^Februaryrn1995—^Anthony Marrigan on Allied war crimes, GeorgernWatson on Alfred Rosenberg, Ralph de Toledano onrnKussi.m [ ollalioration with the Nazis, and Ralph Walker-rn\ illis on the 442nd Japanese-American regiment. PlusrnPaul (Gottfried’s review of David l^rum’s Dead Right.rnTURNING RIGHTS INTO WRONGS: THErnSUPREME COURI’ VS. THE BILL OF RIGHTS—rnMarch 1995—William J. Quirk and R. RandallrnBridwell on the evils of judicial review, JerryrnWoodruff on the assault on the Second Amendment,rnRonin Colman on the drive for staternsovereignty, and Christopher Baldwin on juryiigging.rnPlus Samuel Francis on Charles Murray’srnnid Ricliard I Icrrnstein’s The Bell Curve.rn\ORI,D WR Ill’s?—April 1995—Alex N. Dragnichrnon the fate of Kosovo, Wallace Kaufman on the trialsrnot Kazakhstan, Eva M. Thompson on politics in thernI astern Bloc, and Llewellyn 11. Rockwell, Jr., on Americanrninipt ii.ilism. Plus Momcilo Selic’s “Letter From Bosnia.”rnMl N VS. WOMEN—May 1995—George Watson on therndeath of feminism, Mark Racho on the disappearancernof the lady, Clay Reynolds on sexual harassmentrnin the academy, and Thomas Flemingrnon “What do women want?” Plus Laurie Morrowrnon the film Little Women, and John Lofton onrnMadonna and Norman Mailer.rnPROPHETIC VOICES—June 1995—WendellrnBerry on the country writer, Gore Vidal on politicalrnrhetoric, Thomas Fleming on Ford MadoxrnFord, Stacey Kors on poet Peter Russell, and PaulrnLake on Frederick Turner, Plus Max Oelschlaeger on sociobiologistrnEdward O. Wilson, and student reports onrnthe perverse and political.rnIMMIGRATION AND THE AMERICAN IDENTITY—JnUrn1995—Murray Rothbard on the American identity, krnChristian Kopff on America’s classical heritage,rnHarold O.J. Brown on our Christian tradition,rnand Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the consequencesrnof forced integration. PlusrnThomas Fleming on the immigration catastrophe,rnand Paul Craig Roberts’ review oi AlienrnNation by Peter Brimelow.rnE PLURIBUS UNUM: REGIONALISM—ALIVErnAND KICKING—August 1995—Robert L. Dormanrnon the region in American history, ChiltonrnWilliamson, Jr., on the American frontier, AllanrnCarlson on the Midwest, and John Shelton Reedrnon the South past and present. Plus CongressmanrnRobert K. Dornan on the need for public virtue,rnand Philip Jenkins on the Oklahoma bombing.rnMULIICULIURALISM AND EDUCATION—Septemberrn1994—Mary Lefkowitz on Afrocentrist mythology,rnJacob Neusner on the ghetto of Jewish studies,rnNicholas Stix on black English, Charles Kingrnon multiculturalism in theory and practice, andrnJonathan Chaves on true Asian studies. Plus DerrickrnTurner on the British right and J.O. Tate’s reviewrnof Ann Douglas’s Terrible Honesty: MongrelrnManhattan in the I920’s.rnU.N. BLUES: THE SURRENDER OF AMERICANrnSOVEREIGNTY—October 1994—Thomas Flemingrnon European union, Alfred E. Eckes on the perils ofrn”free trade” pacts, William R. Hawkins on the usurpationrnof militarv sovereignty, Theodore Pappas on thernBrickcr Amendment, and Christopher Check on the U rnConvention on the Rights of the Child. Plus E. ChristiaiirnKopff on Regis Debray’s Charles de Gaulle: Futurist of thernNation.rnFREE-MINDED SCOTS—November 1995—rnMichael Hill on Scots nationalism, Don Livingstonrnon David Hume as a champion of America,rnJeremy Black on Scottish and American history,rnand E. Christian Kopff on Douglas Young. PlusrnThomas Fleming on the poet and the state,rnTheodore Pappas on Shedock Holmes and ArthurrnConan Doyle, G. Douglas Nicoll on Caledonians inrnthe American Heartland, and Michael Hillrnon Braveheart.rnI f •””Z^r””‘rn, , ‘•”* ‘ w f c i i , ^rn#rnnrrrn41rnBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMrn> to 9 issues $3.50 each; 10 or more issues $2.50 eaeh (postage and handling included) 1 to 4 issues $6.00 each;rnDate Qty. Cost Date Qty. CostrnDecember 1994rnlanuary 1995rnFebruary 1995rnMarch 1995rnApril 1995rnMay 1995rnNamernJune 1995rnJuly 1995rnAugust 1995rnSeptember 1995rnOctober 1995rnNovember 1995rnTotal Qty. TotalrnAddressrnMAIL WITH CHECK TO: CHRONICLES •» 934 NORTH MAIN STREET * ROCKFORD, I L 61103rnrnrn