Who are the two boldestrncolumnists writing today?rnYou can make a strong case forrnThomas Sowell and Don Feder. See forrnyourself. Take their two new books FREErnwith trial membership in thernConservative Book Club.rnThe tmst poweiful indictment ever writtenrnabout the education mess — ThomasrnSoweU^s…rnINSIDE AMERICAN EDUCATIONrn”The American system of education is bankrupt,” charges Thomas Sowell,rnpointing out that even tiiose who know this are helpless to reform it.’ ‘We need tornface tiie harsh reality of tiie kind of people we are dealing with, tiie kind of bitterrnfight we can expect if we try to disturb their turf.” Dr. SoweO piles up proof withrnexample after example. Among the hundreds:rnJust how incompetent a teacher can be and still keep tiie job was illustratedrnby an extreme case in Soutii Carolina, where a school tried to get rid of arnteacher who had been warned repeatedly about her poor teaching and poorrnEnglish. At a hearing where she was given a ten-word vocabulary test, sherncould neitiier pronounce nor define tiie word “agrarian.” She could pronouncerntiie word “suffrage” but defined it as “people suffering from somernreason or otiier.” The word “ratify” she defined as “to get rid ofrnsometiiing.” In her own defense, she said: “I’m not saying I was tiie best, butrnI don’t tiiink I did more harm tiian anyone else.” A judge ordered herrnreinstated.rnWalter Williams, himself a distinguished professor of economics, sums up Dr.rnSowell’s achievement in tiie Washington Times:rn”We all know about tiie poor and deteriorating state of education inrnAmerica, but we don’t know all Uie reasons why. Inside American Educationrngives us tiie fiillest list of particulars tiiat I have seen . . . names, datesrnand places on how tiie education establishment from kindergarten to collegernis destroying our children’s prospects for tiie fiiture, all tiie while taking taxpayers,rnparents and private foundations to tiie cleaners.”rnYou don V have to be Jewish tornr^oice in Don Feder^s…rnA JEWISH CONSERVATIVErnLOOKS AT PAGAN AMERICArnIn fact, we can’t imagine any right-tiiinking person of any faitii not saluting DonrnFeder’s new book. He isn’t one of tiiose who tiiink tiiat a free maritet is all tiiatrnAmerica needs, or anotiier Republican in tiie White House. He zeroes in on tiierndefining issues of our time, tiie ones tiiat make us what we are:rnsexual morals • the culture • abortion • humanisnirn• the media • feminismrnHUMAN EVENTS ctdb it “brilliant,” ailds:rn”Ortiiodox Christians will want to stand up and cheer Feder’s chapters on tiiernfamily, faitii, homosexuality, flie New Age, morality and sexuality, AIDS andrnsex aiucation, tiie media, drags and crime, pornography, abortion andrneutiianasia, feminism and tiie culture Feder’s chapter on Judaism is indispensablernfor anyone who has wondered why so many Jews — the originalrnetiiical monotiieists — seem hopelessly wedded to ultialiberalism and radicalrnsecularism Feder points with hope to tiie growing Ortiiodox Jewish community,rnwhose values and politics mirror tiiose of tiie Christian Right.”rnHOW to get BOTH booksrn(worth $44.94) FREE IrnHow the Oub WorksrnEvery 4 wedcs (13 limes a year) you get a free copy of the Oub Bulletin which offers yournthe Featured Selection plus a good choice of Alternates — all of interest to conservatives.rn* If you want the Featured Selection, do nothing; it will come automatically. * If yourndon’t want the Featured Selection, or you do want an Alternate, indicate your wishes onrnthe handy card enclosed with your Bulletin and return it by the deadline date. * Thernmajority of Qub books are offered at 20-50% discounts, plus a charge for shipping andrnhandling. • As soon as you buy and pay for 3 books at r^ular Oub prices, your membershiprnmay be ended at any lime, either by you or by the Qub. * If you ever receive arnFeatured Selection widiout having had 10 days to decide if you want it, you may return itrnat Oub expense for full credit. • Good servks. No computers! • The Oub will offerrnr^ular Superbargains, mostly at 70-90% discounts plus shipping and handling. Superbargainsrndo NOT count toward hilfiliing your Oub obligation, but do enable you to buyrnfine books at giveaway prices. * Only one membership per household.rn/ll CONSERVATIVE I ! ! BOOK CLUBrn33 Oakland Avenue • Harrison, N.Y. 10528rnPlease accept my membership m tiie Club and send, free and postpaid,rnThomas Sowell’s $24.95 Inside American Education PLUS Don Feder’srn$19.99 A Jewish Consermtive Looks at Pagan America. I agree to tjuy 3rnadditional books at regular Club bargain prices over tiie next 18 montiis. Irnalso agree to die Club rules spelled out in tiiis coupon. c C U L – 1 1 2rnNamernAddressrnCity _State_ _Zip_rnrnrn