^ e ^ h n ^ndolph 61ubrn”Liberty, Property, and States’ Rights”rnAnnual Meeting, November 17-19,1995rnSan Mateo, Californiarn”RIGHT-WING EXTREMISTS” UNITE!rnY ou have nothing to lose but your chains, your taxes, and your foes. Join thernsixth annual meeting of the John Randolph Club as we discuss our lost libertiesrnand property, their bulwark, states’ rights, and how we can tum back the clockrnto restore the Old Republic.rn* * *rnThe conference includes a reception on Friday evening as well as a luncheon, banquet, and galarnreception on Saturday. The price is $225. Checks should be made payable to the John RandolphrnClub and mailed to Burton S. Blumert, Center for Libertarian Studies, 875 Mahler Rd., Suite 150,rnBurlingame, CA 94010.rnRooms are available at the conference headquarters, the Villa Hotel, 4000 South El CaminornReal, San Mateo, California, 94403, for $69 a night, single or double.rnPhone the Villa atrn415-341-0966rnto make your reservations, being sure tornmention the Club.rnOr phone CLS atrn800-325-7257rnto charge your conference fee to your credit card,rnand we’ll make your hotel reservation for you.rnOur distinguished speakers, none of whom is a suspect in thernOklahoma City bombing, include:rnThomas Fleming, Hans-Hermann Hoppe,rnSamuel Francis, Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.,rnAllan Carlson, Paul Gottfried, Joseph Sobran,rnMichael Levin, Wayne Lutton, E. Christian Kopff,rnJustin Raimondo, Peter Klein, Joseph Salerno,rnJeffrey Tucker, and Michael Hill.rnrnrn