Modem Editions of Classics for Today^s ReadersrnTHE AMERICAN COMMONWEALTHrnIn Two VolumesrnBy James BrycernIn Democracy in America (1835) the FrenchmanrnAlexis de Tocqueville interpreted Americanrnsociety through the lens of political theory. Inrn1888, the Scotsman James Bryce examined “therninstitutions and the people of America as theyrnare.” Interviews and even friendships withrnleading citizens, and travels throughout thernland, enabled Bryce to produce “a grand atlas”rnof American society and political institutions.rn”Why Good Men Do Not Go Into Politics” andrn”Why Great Men Are Not Chosen Presidents”rnare typical discoveries that emerge from Bryce’srncogent explanations of the actual operations ofrnpolitical parties and municipal and staterngovernments. The new Liberty Fund edition ofrnhis masterpiece includes contemporaneousrn(1889) reviews by Woodrow Wilson and Lord Actonrn1664 + xlvii pagesrnHardcover $35.00 0-86597-116-1rnPaperback $16.50 0-86597-117-xrn’^Gonceloeilln/J^Serti^^rnFor a nation “conceived in liberty,” the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsiblernindividuals is a never-ending obligation. To encourage this deliberation. Liberty Fundrnmakes available a wide range of outstanding books that explore the genesis of liberty inrnindividual life, in society, governance, and economics. Our publications include the worksrnof Adam Smith, David Hume, Lord Acton, Ludwig von Mises, Nobel laureatesrnE A. Hayek and James Buchanan, crucial political writings of the American founding era,rnand landmark works in education, philosophy, and law. We invite you to request a freerncopy of our catalogue.rnCall 800-955-8335rnFax 317-579-6060rnor write:rnLiberty Fund We pay bookrnrate postage onrnprepaid orders.rn8335 Allison Pointe Trail, Suite 300, Dept. Z601, Indianapolis, IN 46250rnrnrn