B A C K I S S U E S of CHRONICLESrn«» *’>rnWORLD WAR II: Tut; Rvsv OF THE STORY—Februaryrn1995^Anthony Harrigan on Allied war crimes, GeorgernWatson on Alfred Rosenberg, Ralph de Toledano onrnRussian collaboration with the Nazis, and Ralph Walker-rnWillis on the 442nd Japanese-American regiment.rnPlus Paul Gottfried’s review of David Frum’srnDead Right.rn• :i If- irnI^^’^imRioiu./’ ”^’- ^ TURNING RIGHTS INTO WRONGS: THErnSUPREME COURI- VS. THE BILL OF RIGHTS—rnMarch 1995—William J. Quirk and R. RandallrnBridwell on the evils of judicial review, JerryrnWoodruff on the assault on the SecondrnAmendment, Ronin Colman on the drive forrnstate sovereignty, and Christopher Baldwin onrnjury-rigging. Plus Samuel Francis on ChadesrnMurray’s and Richard Herrnstein’s ThernBell Curve.rnW0RI.D WAR Ill’s?—April 1995—Alex N. Dragnichrnon the fate of Kosovo, Wallace Kauhnan onrn: trials of Kazakhstan, Ewa M. Thompson on politicsrnI the Eastern Bloc, and Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., onrnAmerican imperialism. Plus Momcilo Selic’s “LetterrnFrom Bosnia.”rnMEN vs. WoMEN^May 1995—GeorgernWatson on the death of feminism, MarkrnRacho on the disappearance of the lady. ClayrnReynolds on sexual harassment in the academy,rnand Thomas Fleming on “What do womenrnwant?” Plus Laurie Morrow on the film LittlernWomen, and John Lofton on Madonna andrnNorman Mailer.rnPROPHETIC VOICES—^June 1995—Wendell Berryrnon the country writer. Gore Vidal onrnpolitical rhetoric, Thomas Fleming on FordrnMadox Ford, Stacey Kors on poet Peter Russell,rnand Paul Lake on Frederick Turner. PlusrnMax Oelschlaeger on sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson,rnand student reports on the perverse and political.rnIMMIGRATION AND THE AMERICAN IDENTITYrn—July 1995—Murray Rothbard on thernAmerican identity, E. Christian Kopff onrnAmerica’s classical heritage, HaroldrnO.J. Brown on our Christian tradition,rnand Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the consequencesrnof forced integration. Plus ThomasrnFleming on the immigration catastrophe,rnand Paul Craig Roberts’ review of MienrnNation by Peter Brimelow.rnEPiuRiBus UNUM: RFCIONAI.ISM—ALIVE AND KICKINGrn—^August 1995—Robert L. Dorman on the regionrnin American history, Chilton Williamson, Jr., on thernAmerican frontier, Allan Cadson on the Midwest, andrnJohn Shelton Reed on the South past and present.rnPlus Congressman Robert K. Dornan on the need forrnpublic virtue, and Philip Jenkins on the Oklahomarnbombing.rnMuLi iciJLi URALISM AND EDUCATION—rnSeptember 1995—Mary Lefkowitz on Afrocentristrnmythology, Jacob Neusner on the ghetto ofrnJewish studies, Nicholas Stix on black English,rnCharles King on multiculturalism in theory andrnpractice, and Jonathan Chaves on tme Asian studies.rnPlus Derrick Turner on the British right andrnJ.O. Tate’s review of Ann Douglas’s Terrible Honesty:rnMongrel Manhattan in the 1920s.rnU.N. BLUES: THE SURRENDER OF AMERICANrnSOVEREIGNTY—October 1995^Thomas Fleming onrnEuropean union, Alfred E. Eckes on the perils of “freerntrade” pacts, William R. Hawkins on the usurpation ofrnmilitary sovereignty, Theodore Pappas on the BrickerrnAmendment, and Christopher Check on thernU.N.’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.rnPlus E. Christian Kopff on Regis Debray’srnCharles de Gaulle: Futurist of the Nation.rnFR1′;E-MINDED Scoi’S—November 1995—rnMichael I lill on Scots nationalism, Don Livingstonrnon David Hume, Jeremy Black on Scottishrnand American history, and E. Christian Kopff onrnDouglas Young. Plus Thomas Fleming on the poetrnand the state, Theodore Pappas on Sherlock Holmesrnand Arthur Conan Doyle, and Michael Hill onrnBraveheart.rnTHE GOVERNMENT VS. THE PEOPLE^ December 1995-rnPhilip Jenkins on covert policing, David Kopel on childrnabuse at Waco, Greg Kaye on the war on the right to petition,rnand Ronin Colman on the endangered SecondrnAmendment. Plus Mary Alice Cook’s LetterrnFrom Waco.rnAGAINS’I” THEORY—January 1996—GeorgernWatson on literary theory in England, JeremyrnBlack on the Whig approach to history, E.rnChristian Kopff on deconstmctionism, andrnIrving Louis I lorowitz on Thomas Szasz andrnthe theory of mental illness. Plus Samuel Francis’srnreview of Michael Lind’s The Next AmericanrnNation.rn”'”OllHos]rnz/,/”'”-^-‘.rn^’-k ^rn1^rn•ih WNJrn•,8*rnIfeiw*rnBACK ISSUE ORDER FORMrn1 to 4 issues $6.00 each; 5 to 9 issues $3.50 each; 10 or more issues $2.50 each (postage and handling included)rnDate Qty. Cost Date Qty. CostrnFebruary 1995rnMarch 1995rnApril 1995rnMay 1995rnJune 1995rnJuly 1995rnNamernAugust 1995rnSeptember 1995rnOctober 1995rnNovember 1995rnDecember 1995rnJanuary 1996rnTotal Qty.- TotalrnAddnrnMAIL WITH CHECK TO: CHRONICLES • P.O. Box 800 * MT. MORRIS, I I 61054. * OR TO ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, CALL: 1-800-397-8160rnrnrn