PUZZLED BY U.S. POLICY TOWARD THE BALKANS?rnAmerica’s Intervention in the Balkansrnhy did America adopt a deeply flawed, anti-Christian, pro-Muslim policy in the Balkans?rnWhat are the implications of that policy, not only for the people of the area, but for the rest ofrnEurope, and—above all—for America itself?rnAmerica’s Intervention in the Balkans is the result of an international conference held in Chicago inrnMarch 1997, which was sponsored by The Lord Byron Foundation for Balkan Studies and Chronicles.rnContributors include prominent scholars specializing in Southeast Europe and Chronicles editors andrnwriters, such as:rn”WHAT IS GOOD FOR AMERICA” by Sir Alfred Shermanrn”The war in Bosnia was America’s war in every sense of the word. The U.S. administrationrnhelped start it, kept it going, and prevented its early end.”rn•*.rn”TODAY SARAJEVO, TOMORROW CHICAGO: THE TYRANNY OF HUMAN RIGHTS” by Thomas Flemingrn”The so-called New World Order… is only the American Empire doing businessrnunder a new logo As an ancient Scot said of the First World Order, thernRoman Empire: ‘they make a desert, they call it peace.'”rn4’rn”THE PRICE OF EMPIRE” by Samuel Francisrn”The ultimate price of empire, its ultimate domestic consequence, is the death of the veryrnpeople and civilization of the society that chooses … the path of empire.”rnOther contributors include:rnSRDJA TRIFKOVIC (“Serbian Politics and U.S. Strategy in the Balkans”), MICHAEL STENTON (“America inrnBosnia: A Sign of Things to Come”), YELENA GUSSKOVA (“The Role of Russia”), JAMES GEOR(;E JATRASrn(“‘Benevolent Global Hegemony’: The U.S. as the World’s Policeman”), RAJU G.C. THOMAS (“The NewrnSecurity and Moral Agenda in a U.S.-Dominant World”), ScOTT P. RICHERT (“New Cops on the Block”),rnand JOSEPH SOBRAN (“The (New) Ugly American”).rno R D R O R MrnPlease send mernI prefer:rncopies of AMERICA’S INTERVENTION IN THE BALKANSrnhardback at $29 each ($25 + $4 s&h) paperback at $18 each ($15 + $3 s&h).rnBulk order discounts: 6-11 copies: 10%; 12 or more copies: 20%. No extra postage for bulk orders!rnI enclose a check or money order for $ payable to The Lord Byron FoundationrnNAMErnADDRESS.rnPLEASE RETURN TO: The Lord Byron Foundationrn2400 Whiskey Road, Suite 175rnAiken, SC 29803rnVoice (803) 641-0670rnFacsimile (803) 502-0296rne-mail 100343,[email protected]