ChroniclesrnA M A G A Z I N E OF A M E R I C A N C U L T U RE PERSPECTIVErnHere Come the Judgernby Thomas FlemingrnEverybody gonna pay tax today.rnVIEWSrnSomething Like Waco by Samuel FrancisrnThe new federal police state.rnBlack Helicopters and the Morning Militiarnby Sarah J. McCarthyrnWhy Uncle Sam is not trusted.rnThe Most Dangerous Man in the Mid-Southrnby Frankhn SandersrnEnemy number one—the coin dealer.rnOPINIONSrn12rn16rn19rnFour More Years by Chilton Williamson, Jr. 23rnDavid Brock: The Seduction of Hillary Rodham.rnR. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Boy Clinton: The Political Biography.rnFour more years.rnREVIEWSrnJean H. Baker’s The Stevensons: A Biography of anrnAmerican Family is good despite its p.c. tangents,rnreports William Murchison ••• Georgie AnnernGeyer’s Americans No More: The Death of Citizenshiprnsurveys the problems of immigration but ignoresrnthe real reasons for our changing national identity,rnargues Paul Gottfried ••• n The End of Science:rnFacing the Limits of Knowledge in the Twilight of thernScientific Age John Horgan fails to consider thernimplications of his thesis, writes John Caiazza ••rnCollie Owens recommends Old Hickory’s War:rnAndrew ]ackson and the Quest for Empire • •rnClive Fisher’s Cyril Connolly: The Life and Timesrnof England’s Most Controversial Literary Critic isrna wonderful and hilarious read, notes Frank BrownlowrnCORRESPONDENCErn26rnLetter From Inner Israel: Christmas,rnThat Winter Festivalrnby Jacob NeusnerrnLetter From Cincinnati: The War on Marge Schottrnby D.K. Brainardrn31rnLetter From Virginia: The Stone Wall Has Crumbled 34rnby Marshall FishwickrnVITAL SIGNSrnPOLITICS: Judicial Taxation Without Representation 36rnb)’ Congressman Don ManzullornPaying the Dane-Geld at Texacornby Mark RachornCOMMUNITY: The Trojan Chickenrnby John VinsonrnLAW: Parenting and the Staternby Mark G. MalvasirnKiller Hedgesrnby Paul LikoudisrnRELIGION: Pravoslavophobiarnby James George JatrasrnREGIONALISM: That Demon Weedrnby Joyce L. BennettrnLITERATURE: John O’Hara and AmericanrnConservatismrnby Ralph de ToledanornGeorge Gissing in Romernby Francesco BadolatornDEPARTMENTS -rn37rn39rn40rn41rn43rn45rn47rn49rnPOETRYrnThe Shepherd andrnRestaurant by the Searnby Charles Edward EatonrnGrammatical Engagementrnby Geoff M. Popern18rn21rn22rnON THE COVERrn32 Cover and inside illustrations by H. Ward Sterett.rnFEBRUARY 1997/3rnrnrn