ChroniclesrnA M A G A Z I N E OF A M E R I C A N C U L T U R ErnPERSPECTIVErnBirth of a Nationrnby Thomas FlemingrnA lesson in national suicide.rn10rnVIEWS CORRESPONDENCErnThe Revolt of the French Masses by Curtis Gate 15rnThe smoldering fires ol” immigration.rnThe Iron Lady Down Under by R.J. Stove 20rnThe rise of Pauline Hanson,rnThe Road to Cascadia by Justin Raimondo 24rnThe future of the Pacific Northwest.rnFrom Greeks to Gringos by William Murchison 27rnWhy Mexico lost Texas.rnReservation Blues by Gregor) McNamee 30rnNotes from Indian country.rnOPINIONSrnThe Character of Stonewall Jacksonrnby Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnJames I. Robertson, Jr.; Stonewall Jackson: The Man,rnthe Soldier, the Legend.rnThe Cause was never lost.rnREVIEWSrn33rnCollie Owens reports that Uncertain Glory: Lee’s 36rnGeneralship Re-Examined by John D. McKcnzie hasrntactical strengths and strategic weaknesses • • PhiliprnJenkins’ Hoods and Saints: The Extreme Right inrnPennsylvania, 1925-1950 is well-researched but often wrong,rnwrites Paul Gottfried • • Wendell Berry findsrnhope in tragedy in A World Lost, says Allan Carlson •rnAlan Cornett recommends Gentility Recalled: “Mere”rnManners and the Making of Social Order, edited by DigbyrnAnderson ••• Robyn Davidson’s Desert Places highlightsrna nomadic culture, writes Gregory McNamee • •rnLetter From Australia: America Down Underrnby Roger D. McCrathrnLetter From Appalachia: Home, Sweet Homernby Loren MitchellrnVITAL SIGNSrn43rn46rnPOLITICS: Eastern Europe’s Suicide Pactrnby Tomislav SunicrnThe Rise of Louis Farrakhanrnby Michael WashburnrnDEPARTMENTSrnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnPRINCIPALITIES & POWERSrnRevolution in the Airrnby Samuel FrancisrnPOETRYrnMulticulturalismrnby Harold McCurdyrnBuffalo CommonsrnandrnNothing Goes to Wasternby Tim Murphyrn48rn49rn4rn7rn41rn19rn26rnON THE COVERrnCover and inside illustrations by Anna Mycek-Wodccki.rnJULY 1997/3rnrnrn