At long last, available againrnAnd possible only with the gracious permission ofrnCardinal John J. O’Connor of New YorkrnA facsimile reproduction of the 1962 altar Missal for priests —rnthe most recent Vatican-approved textrn”In a discussion with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger recently, I asked His Eminencernfor his assessment of the future of the 1962 Missal as an approved liturgical book.rnHe assured me that it was completely secure. For this reason, and because of thernpublishing event you see here, it is certain that the use of the 1962 MissalernRomanum will increase dramatically in the years to come. The remarkable increasernin young priests ordained with the Pope’s approval to use this Missal gives greatrnhope by itself But the 1962 Missale Romanum, until now, was available to mostrnof them only rarely, from used book dealers. The availability of a fresh supply ofrn1962 altar Missals changes the landscape utterly, and is a symbol to the rest of thernChurch of a renewal of sacred tradition in union with the Holy Father. RomanrnCatholic Books, by re-publishing this altar Missal, has made a courageous act ofrnfaith in the certainty that the Mass of our fathers will be the Mass of our children.”rn—Author Michael Daviesrn”The enormous investment in this Missal is a risk we should reward. The bookrnitself is a gem.” —Fr. William Ashley, Opus Mariaern”A beautifully-produced volume which will give great glory to God.”rn—Fr. Brian Harrisonrn$310.rnIncludes UPSrnshipping fully insuredrn”Now every parish and church which wants to make available the traditional Latin Mass can purchase anrnauthentic Roman Missal for the altar which is printed clearly in easy-to-read black and red letters and beautifullyrnbound in red leather. The high-quality Missal will be at home on any altar.”rn—Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., Homiletic & Pastoral Reviewrn•Weighs 51bs., 1 loz.rn•Gold-gilded pages all roundrn•Smyth-sewn binding • 2-color pages throughoutrn•Beautiful Belgian line-art adorns the textrn•Hand-affixed tabbed pages for the Canon in matchingrnCabra leatherrn•Quality Finch vanilla paper, with the Ordinary of thernMass in extra-thick 70-lb. stockrn•For maximum protection, shrink-wrapped and customrnpackaged as they come off the pressrn•Rich red leather covers, Cabra bonded — the sturdiest, imported from GermanyrnRoman Catholic Books • P.O. Box 2286 • Fort Collins, CO 80522rnI r n YES, please send me copies of the Missale Romanum at $310. each, postpaid. EnclosedrnI is my check payable to Roman Catholic Books. Please send via UPS to the address below:rnI Name Address;rnI City State. Zip.rnIrnIrnIrnIrnJrnrnrn