^ and Chronicler 20th Anniversary Dinner ^rnCan the American nation survive, or isrnsecession our only option? Join thernmembers of the Randolph Club as theyrnaddress this question from international,rnnational, and regional perspectives.rnConfirmed speakers includernTHOMAS FLEMING, SAM FRANCIS,rnBILL KAUFFMAN, PAUL GOTTFRIED,rnCHILTON WILLL^MSON,rnAND SRDJA TRIFKOVIC.rnOthers invited includernJOHN O’SULLIVAN, MICHAEL HILL,rnLEW ROCKWELL, SIR JAMESrnGOLDSMITH, MEL GIBSON, MOTHERrnTERESA, STONEWALL JACKSON,rnROBERT E. LEE….rnAdditional EventrnChroniclesrn20th Anniversary DinnerrnNovember 22,1997rnFull Registration for JRC includes thernChronicles dinner, but tickets may also bernpurchased separately.rnNAMErnADDRESSrnFull Registration (Panels, Meals, Reception, & Chronicles Dinner)rnEarly Bird (before October 15) @ $200.00 Regular (after October 15) @ $225.00rnName(s) (as they should appear on nametags)rnPanels Only (No Meals or Receptions)rnEarly Bird @ $100.00 Regular @ $120.00rnName(s).rnChronicles Dinner Only (N.B.: This dinner is included in the Full Registration price)rnEarly Bird @ $65.00 Regular @ $75.00rnName(s) .rnMail completed form and a check payable to “The John Randolph Club” tornJRC The Rockford Institute 934 N. Main Street Rockford, IL 61103rnrnrn