“Redefining the American Right:rnFrom Aristotle to Pat Buchanan^^rnThe Rockford Institute’s First Annual Summer Schoolrn27 July’l Augustrnat The Rockford Institute, Rockford, IllinoisrnWhat is the American conservative tradition, and how does it fit into the broader Westernrntradition? Tlirough a series of lectures and discussion sessions, instructors and studentsrnwill examine this question. Each day will feature two lectures on a particular historicalrnperiod, including the classical tradition, Christian and medieval thought, the Anglo-American constitutionalrntradition, the counter-revolutionaries of the 19th century, and Middle American rebels.rnFACULTY INCLUDE. AMONG OTHERS,rnTHOMAS FLEMING, PAUL GOTTFRIED, SAMUEL FRANCIS, andrnCHILTON WILLLAMSON, JR., who will conduct a special semmar on writmg.rnOpen to students of all ages. Registration is limited. All prices will increase by $50 after June 15.rnPlease enroll me in The Rockford Institute’s First Annual Summer School.rn(Prices do not include required books. A book list will be provided, and required books can be purchased separately.)rnNAMErnFull Registration ($395)—includes tuition, lodging (double occupancy), and two meals (lunch and dirmer) per day.rnFull Registration, Single Occupancy ($475)rnCommuter Registration ($125)—tuition onlyrnCommuter Registration plus Meals ($250)—includes tuition and two meals per day.rnADDRESSrnCITY, STATE, ZIP_rnPlease send form with check to: The Rockford Institute • 928 North Main Street • Rockford, Illinois 61103rnrnrn