GREAT T O P I C S – G R E A T ISSUESrn• | l , t S « ( ~rn-C”S1rnPUBLIC ENEMIES—October 1998—SamuelrnFrancis compares the Mob and the managerial state,rnJ.O. Tate exposes the American way of crime, JerryrnSeper argues that the Mob is down but not out,rnWayne AUensworth tracks the Russian Mafia inrnAmerica, and Thomas Fleming wonders whetherrnthe modern state is a criminal profession.rnREBUILDING OUR SCHOOLS—Septemberrn1998—Thomas Fleming argues that it takes arnvillage to educate a child, Joyce Haws documentsrnthe judicial takeover of public schools, Rep. GregrnKaza examines the Michigan model of schoolfunding,rnand Lisa Graham Keegan and LewrnRockwell square off over school vouchers. PlusrnDouglas Wilson on why evangelical colleges aren’t.rnLIFE: THE SACRED AND PROFANE—Augustrn1998—Thomas Fleming on the measure of life’srnworth, Harold O.J. Brown on the (misplaced)rncivility of pro-lifers, and Bill Murchison and Ernestrnvan den Haag debate the right to die. Plus ChiltonrnWilliamson, Jr., on the suicide of the Westrnand Samuel Francis on the deconstruction ofrnAmerica.rnSOVEREIGNTY FOR SALE? THE FREErnTRADE DEBATE—July 1998—Thomas Flemingrnon trade and treason, Patrick J. Buchanan sketches arncourse of action, John O’Sullivan explains the limitsrnof Buchananism, and Alfred E. Eckes draws somernlessons from the Asian meltdown. Plus a debaternon Pat Buchanan’s The Great Betrayal.rnU.S. GLOBAL HEGEMONY—June 1998—DougrnBandow on finding foes in the post-Cold War era,rnJames George Jatras on the demise of nationalrninterests, Justin Raimondo on Clinton’s attempt torn”wag the dog,” and Denis Petrov on the realrnpowerbrokers in Russia and America. Plus thernlessons that Robert Taft could teach us today.rnWHO KILLED THE BOOK?—May 1998—rnTony Outhwaite exposes the book industry as arnhothouse of goofiness, George Garrett and ClayrnReynolds lament the decline of commercialrnpublishing, Gregory McNamee highlights the staternof the university press, and Gene Edward Veith seesrnChristian publishers in the thrall of Mammon. Plusrnthree poems by Wendell Berry.rnEUROPEAN AMERICA—April 1998—ThomasrnFleming on the heart’s geography, Jean Raspail onrndefending civilization, Scott P. Richert on thernEuropean roots of American life, and SamuelrnFrancis on the other face of multiculturalism.rnPlus Roger L. Busbice on the Cajuns and Ben C.rnToledano on Creole culture.rnFASCISM/ANTI-FASCISM—March 1998—rnThomas Fleming on the triumph of nationalrnsocialism, Paul Gottfried on the politics of labels,rnDerek Turner on Jean-Marie Le Pen and thernNational Front, Tomislav Sunic on victimology asrnscholarship, and Peter Erickson on Ayn Randrnand the welfare/warfare state. Plus LlewellynrnH. Rockwell, Jr., on the criminal state.rnCAN THIS UNION BE SAVED?—Februaryrn1998—Thomas Fleming on fighting the federalrnbeast, Donald Livingston on secession and states’rnrights, William J. Quirk and Robert M. Wilcox onrnjudicial tyranny and constitutional change, andrnJohn R. Stoeffler on judicial taxation. Plus ScottrnP. Richert on the fall of the right.rnPRIVATE JUSTICE—January 1998~ThomasrnFleming on the return of revenge, Michael Hill onrnjustice in the Celtic world, Barry Baldwin onrnAlbanian blood-feuds, Jeremy Black onrngovernment’s monopoly on violence, and DavidrnKopel on why owning a gun makes everyonernsafer.rnNATION UNDER GOD—December 1997—rnThomas Fleming praises intolerance, D. GeorgernLeech outlines a Christian foreign policy, WilliamrnA. Donohue discusses anti-Catholicismrn(the last respectable bias), Llewellyn H. Rockwell,rnJr., shows why the Christian right needs Econ.rn101, and Harold O.J. Brown questions the ethicsrnof the clergy.rnIDENTITY POLITICS—November 1997—rnThomas Fleming on race as the American religion,rnSamuel Francis on the witch hunts of Morris Dees,rnJacob Neusner on secular Judaism, and JosephrnFallon on the politics of Hispanic identity. PlusrnJustin Raimondo on the black war on Asians inrnSan Francisco, and Mark Tooley on the churchrnburning hoax.rn’)/r/( Sirn.,;’! ^«,„,rn^My^”^^'<)nirir^rnmi( ‘ 1998rnJanuar)’ 1998rnDecember 1997rnNovember 1997rnTotal Qt). Total $rnMiL WITH CHKCK TO: CHRONICLES <• P.O. Box 800 •» MT. MORRIS, I I 61054. •> O R ID ORDER BY CREDIT CARD, CALL: 1-800-597-8160rnrnrn