America—the real America—is menaced at home and abroad by powerful forces that threaten torndestroy the last vestiges of what used to be called “the American way of life.” But some Americansrnare fighting back—to restore the national identity, return government to the people, and reviverneducational, cultural, and military institutions. Join the members of The John Randolph Club as we plot therncultural and political counter-revolution.rnConfirmed speakers include:rnTaking AmericarnBackrnThe Ninth Annual Meeting ofrn’^Ihe^^o/ifiy^Mattc/o^^ C)/it/jrnSeptember 18-20,1998rnThe Ramada Plaza Hotelrn1011 South Akard StreetrnDallas, TexasrnTHOMAS FLEMING,rnSAMUEL FRANCIS, DAVID HARTMAN,rnTHOMAS PAUKEN, RONIN COLMAN,rnBILL MURCHISON, JAMES PATRICK,rnMICHAEL HILL, BILL KAUFFMAN,rnGREG KAZA, JOHN SANDERS,rnCHRISTOPHER CHECK,rnSCOTT RICHERTrnLodgingrnA special room rate of $89.00 per nightrn(Single or Double) is available untilrnSeptember 4 by calling the Ramada Plaza atrn(214)421-1083rnIrnNAMErnADDRESSrnFull Registration (Panels, Meals, Receptions)rnName(s) (as they should appear on name tags)_rnPanels Only (No Meals or Receptions)rnName(s).rnJRC Member_rnNon-Memberrn@ $200.00rn. @ $225.00rnMember or Non-Member @ $120.00rnI cannot attend the annual meeting, but I would like it to be a success. Enclosed is my contribution of $_rnMake check payable to The John Randolph Club and mail with completed form tornJRC The Rockford I n s t i t u t e 928 N. Main Street Rockford, IL 61103rnrnrn