ChroniclesrnA M A G A Z I N E OF A M E R I C A N C U L T U R ErnPERSPECTIVErnThe Great American Purgernby Thomas FlemingrnAbsolutism and oppression.rn10rnVIEWSrnSisyphus and States’ Rights by Stephen B. Presser 13rnRestoring state sovereignt)-.rnDecentralists or D.C. Centralists? 16rnbv Donald W. LivingstonrnOverthrowing the hranny of liberalism.rnCajuns Uncaged b’ Michael Dan Jones 19rnLouisiana declares itself a sovereign state.rnOPINIONSrnThe Secrets of Liberalismrnby William R. HawkinsrnDaniel Patrick Moynihan:rnSecrecy: The American Experience.rnPolitical agendas and nahonal security’.rnREVIEWSrnEdward O. Wilson is out of his element inrnConsilience: The Unity of Knowledge, writesrnDavid Gordon • • Wayne Allensworth’srnThe Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization,rnand Post-Communist Russia raises challengingrnquestions about both Russia and America, reportsrnJames George Jatras • • Scott McConnellrnrecommends A Question of Numbers: High Migration,rnLow Fertihtw and the Politics of National Identity’ hvrnMichael S. Teitelbaum and Jay Winter • •rn24rn27rnCORRESPONDENCErnLetter From Texas:rnDon’t Mess With the Texas Constitutionrnby Bill MurchisonrnLetter From Michigan:rnMe and Mecosta: Studying With Russell Kirkrnbv Michael Jordanrn34rn35rnLetter From Florence: Beyond Bugsrnby Andrei NavrozovrnVITAL SIGNSrn38rnLAW: The Necrosis of Limited Governmentrnby Douglass H. BardevrnPOLITICS: Goodbye, Dixiernbv Robert Stacy McCainrnGleichschaltungrnby Samuel FrancisrnTHE HUNDREDTH MERIDIANrnCitizen Edrnbv Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnPOETRYrnThe Dead Poet andrnHunters and Preyrnby Timothy MurphyrnON THE COVERrnCover and in,side illustrahons by H. Ward Sterett.rn40rn42rnRELIGION: Clinton and the Clergyrnby Mark TooleyrnGUNS: Disarming the Victimsrnby David B. Kopelrnr^roA PT -trMTCrnULrAK 1 MLN 1 brnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGESrnCULTURAL REVOLUTIONSrnSIGNS OF THE TIMESrnPRINCIPALITIES & POWERSrn45rn46rn4rn6rn22rn32rn49rn21rn39rnAPRIL 1999/3rnrnrn