f/ianc/o/p/i G/u/) Comes to Georgetownrnw: hat does it mean when some who have built profitable careersrninside the Beltway suddenly declare that politics is not the answer?rnA. They are looking for a new direct-mail hook.rnB. It’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers all over again.rnC. It took 23 years, but they have finally begun to understandrnChronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.rnc-fe^cKsrnJoin . . .rnThomas Fleming, Samuel Francis, Doug Bandow, Greg Kaza,rnBill Kauffman, Roger McGrath, James Jatras & othersrnalong with special guestrnRonald Maxwell, director of GettyshurgrnatrnThe Tenth Annual Meeting ofrnTHE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUBrnto find outrn’Why Washington Doesn’t Matter’rnOctober 8-9, 1999rnat the elegantrnLATHAM HOTEL, 3000 M STREET in HISTORIC GEORGETOWNrnJOHN RANDOLPH,rnat his battle sladon ]n CongressrnLODGINGrnA limited number of rooms are availablernat the special rate of $139.°°/nightrn(single/double occupancy)rnuntil September 8, 1999. Call:rnThe Latham Hotelrn(800) 368-5922rn= 3 ^rnSpecial Saturday Night Debatern”Resolved: Conservatives in D.C. haven’trndone a damn thing!”rn.Vef’^e,rn4?<>rnNAME(S) (AS THEY SHOULD APPEAR ON NAME TAGS)rnADDRESSrnFULL REGISTRATION (PANELS, FWDAY NKHT RECEPTION AND OPENING ADDRESS, TR^ MEMBER @ $ 195.”° “=$_rnSATURDAY NIGHT RECEPTION, DINNER, DEBATE, AND SONGFEST) r^tfoTcooMctrnNON-MEMBER ^ ^IZ^. =J>_rnSATURDAY PANELS ONLY (NO MEALS OR RECEPTIONS) MEMBER OR NON-MEMBER . @$95.rnTOTAL ENCLOSED $_rnI cannot attend the annual meeting, but I would like it to be a success. Enclosed is my contribution of $_rnMake checks payable to The John Randolph Club and mail with completed form tornJRC, The Rockford Institute, 928 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103rnrnrn