ChroniclesrnA M A G A Z I N E OF A M E R I C A N C U I I U « E PERSPECTIVErnX2Krnby Thomas Flemingrnaut Christus aut nihil.rn10rnVIEWSrnNew Faiths for Old b}’ Philip JenkinsrnHow Matthew Shepard replaced fesns Christ.rn13rnThe Coming of the Third Age bv Harold O.J. Brown 16rnNext month: ntopia.rnOPINIONSrnCorruption and Contempt 25rnb Samuel FrancisrnMichael A. Ledeen; Machiavelli on Modem Leadership:rnWhy MachiaveUi’s Iron Rules Are as Timely and ImportantrnToday as Five Centuries AgornDick Morris: The New Prince: Machiavelli Updated for thernTwentyT’lrst CenturyrnUpdated, revised, and discarded.rnWolf’s Fang, Fox’s Tail 28rnb \’a’ne AllensworthrnVV. Bruce Lincoln: Red Victoiy: A Histor}’ of the RussianrnCivil WarrnHistor- as dramatic chronicle.rnREVIEWSrnVna vita hi fabhrica: itinerario spirituale by MariornMarcolla is a remarkable book by a remarkable man,rnwrites Thomas Fleming • • Ivan Doig’s Mountain Timernis borii bcauHfiil and flawed, according to Bill Croke • •rnDavid B. Kopel praises John R. Lott, Jr.’s More Guns, LessrnCrime: Lnderstanding Crime and Gun Control J,airs.rnCORRESPONDENCErn30rnLetter From the Argentario: The Show of Showsrnb Andrei Navrozo’rnVITAL SIGNSrnRELIGION: Interpreting Compassionrnbv Janet Scott BarlowrnA Postmodern Yahwch for Episcopaliansrnb’ Mark Toole’rnGUNS: The Most Dangerous Amendmentrnb- William R. TonsornSOCIE’IY: A Christmas Parablernbv Marshall Fisliw ickrnEDUCATION: Schools Under Siegernb’ Donald GruberrnFILM: Stir of Echoes, The Sixth Sensernb’ George McCartne’rnDEPARTMENTS -rnLetter From York: 3 3rnThe League Against the Southrnby R.C. Sproul, Jr.rnLetter From Montreal: Oui Shall Overcome! 34rnby John O’NeillrnLetter From Jamaica: Jamaicas of Remembrance 35rnb’ leftrcv Mcvcrsrn38rn40rn41rn42rn44rn45rn47rnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGES 4rnCUL’I URAL RE’OLUTIONS 6rnCHRONICLES INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT 20rnBanking on Borisrnby Sergey BcrdaernSIGNS OF THE TIMES 23rnTHE HUNDREDTH MERIDIAN 49rnBliss Meadowsrnby Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnPOETRY 18rnBleeding in Gray Shadowsrnby Thomas Paul DeWittrnON THE COVERrnCkner and illustrations b- H. Ward Sterctl.rnDECEMBER 1999/3rnrnrn