CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrn1 9 9 8 IN R E V I E WrnHEALING THE SCHISM—December 1998—Father Hugh Barbour lays thernground for an anti-ecumenical ecumenism, Harold O.J. Brown presents thernProtestant view of church unity, and Wayne Allensworth explains what’s wrong withrnWestern evangelism in Russia. Plus Thomas Fleming on ecumenism, universalism,rnand empire and Samuel Francis on paleo-Malthusianism.rnT98& $7.00rnREACTIONARY RADICALS—November 1998—Thomas Fleming takes hisrnstand with Jefferson, John Lukacs remembers his friend Dwight Macdonald, BillrnKauffman examines Dorothy Day’s “Way of Love,” and Justin Raimondo recallsrnWilliam Borah and the progressives. Plus Derek Turner on Enoch Powell andrnEdward E. Ericson, Jr., on the people’s right not to know.rnT98- $7.00rnPUBLIC ENEMIES—October 1998—Samuel Francis compares the Mob and thernmanagerial state, J.O. Tate exposes the American way of crime, Jerry Seper arguesrnthat the Mob is down but not out, Wayne Allensworth tracks the Russian Mafia inrnAmerica, and Thomas Fleming wonders whether the modern state is a criminal profession.rnPlus Janet Scott Barlow takes a trip to Hillaryland.rnT980 $7.00rnREBUILDING OUR SCHOOLS—September 1998—Thomas Fleming arguesrnthat it takes a village to educate a child, Joyce B. Haws documents the judicialrntakeover of public schools. Rep. Greg Kaza examines the Michigan model of schoolfunding,rnand Lisa Graham Keegan and Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., square off overrnvouchers. Plus Douglas Wilson on why evangelical colleges aren’t.rnT989 $7.00rnLIFE: THE SACRED AND PROFANE—August 1998—Thomas Fleming on thernmeasure of life’s worth, Harold O.J. Brown on the (misplaced) civility of pro-lifers.rnBill Murchison on the dark, dark wood of suicide, Ernest van den Haag on the rightrnto die, and Scott P. Richert on vegetarianism and death. Plus Chilton Williamson, Jr.,rnon the suicide of the West.rnT988 $7.00rnSOVEREIGNTY FOR SALE? THE FREE TRADE DEBATE—July 1998—rnThomas Fleming on trade and treason, Patrick J. Buchanan sketches a course ofrnaction, John O’SuUivan explains the limits of Buchananism, and Alfred E. Eckesrndraws some lessons from the Asian meltdown. Plus William R. Hawkins and JustinrnRaimondo debate Pat Buchanan’s The Great Betrayal.rnT987 $7.00rnU.S. GLOBAL HEGEMONY; FAST TRACK TO NOWHERE—June 1998—rnDoug Bandow on the search for foes in the post-Cold War era, James George Jatrasrnon the demise of national interests, Justin Raimondo on the Clinton administration’srnattempt to “wag the dog,” and Denis Petrov on the real powerbrokers in Russia. Plusrnthe lessons that Robert Taft could teach us today.rnT986 $7.00rnWHO KILLED THE BOOK?—May 1998—Tony Outhwaite exposes the bookrnindustry as a hothouse of goofmess, George Garrett and Clay Reynolds lament therndecline of commercial publishing, Gregory McNamee highlights the state of the universityrnpress, and Gene Edward Veith sees Christian publishers in the thrall ofrnMammon. Plus three poems by Wendell Berry.rnT985 $7.00rnEUROPEAN AMERICA: LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THErnFRENCH—April 1998—Thomas Fleming on the heart’s geography, Jean Raspailrndefends civilization, Kenneth McDonald on how culture and federalism can co-exist,rnScott P. Richert on the European roots of American life, and Samuel Francis on thernother face of multiculturalism. Plus Ben C. Toledano on Creole culture.rnT984 $7.00rnFASCISM/ANTI-FASCISM—March 1998—Thomas Fleming on the triumph ofrnnational socialism, Paul Gottfried on the politics of labels, Derek Turner on Jean-rnMarie Le Pen and the National Front, Tomislav Sunic on victimology as scholarship,rnand Peter Erickson on Ayn Rand and the welfare/warfare state. Plus Llewellyn H.rnRockwell, Jr., on the criminal state.rnT983 $7.00rnCAN THIS UNION BE SAVED?—February 1998—Thomas Fleming on fightingrnthe federal beast, Donald Livingston on secession and states’ rights, William J. Quirkrnand Robert M. Wilcox on judicial tyranny and constitutional change, and John R.rnStoeffler on judicial taxation. Plus Joseph E. Fallon on the censored history of WorldrnWar II internment and Scott P. Richert on the fall of the right.rnT982 $7.00rnPRIVATE JUSTICE—January 1998—Thomas Fleming on the return of revenge.rnMichael Hill on justice in the Celtic world, Barry Baldwin on Albanian blood-feuds,rnJeremy Black on government’s monopoly on violence, and David Kope! on whyrnowning a gun makes everyone safer. Plus Stephen Halbrook on Switzerland’s armedrnneutrality and Frank Schier on how to fight City Hall—and win.rnT981 $7.00rnPRODUCT ORDER FORMrnName_rnAddressrnCity/State/Zip_rnDrnDrnCheck or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: | | MasterCard | | VisarnCard #rnExpiration Date_rnSignaturernPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris, IL 61054rnOR, TO ORDER TOLL-FREE, CALL 1 – 8 0 0 – 3 9 7 – 8 1 6 0rnotter expires 12/31/99rnProduct Code Quantity Unit PricernSubtotalrn20% Discount (on orders over $50)rnTotal PricernShipping & Handling i N C U D E DrnTax-Deductible Donation to The Rockford InstituternTotalrnrnrn