ChroniclesnA MAGAZINE OF AMERICAN CULTUREnPERSPECTIVEnVIEWSnThe Avenging Deity as a Rational Projectionnof the Wounded Egonby Andrei NavrozovnThe true cult of personality.nPut a Lid on Itnby J.O.Taten”Stop me before I write again!”nRenaissance Fraudsnby Tony Outhwaiten”I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”nThe Declaration of IndependencenA round table discussion by Stephen B. Presser,nClyde Wilson, and Donald W. LivingstonnOPINIONSnBeing Bill O’Reillynby Thomas FlemingnLatter-day Eloi.nBecoming George Orwell 25nby George McCartneynJeffrey Meyers: Orwell: Wintry Conscience of a GenerationnThe autocrat and the artist.nThirty Years Ago … 28nby Thomas FlemingnEugene Davidson: Reflections on a Disruptive Decade:nEssays From the SixtiesnBreathing the spirit of a different world.nREVIEWSnWesley J. Smith’s Culture of Death: The Assaultnon Medical Ethics in America illustrates that hardncases are making bad medicine, writes Harold OJ.nBrown ••• Angela D. Dillard’s Guess Who’s Comingnto Dinner Now? Multicultural Conservatives in Americanis just another attempt to undermine Western culture,nfinds Paul Gottfried •••nCORRESPONDENCEnLetter From Venice: Up With Prejudice “”nby Andrei NavrozovnLetter From Wisconsin: Dancing at LaRuenby David B. Schockn13n16n19n22n30n36n37nLetter From Arizona: Voice in the Desert 40nby Wilma Gustinichn10nVITAL SIGNSnPOLITICS: Billy in the Lowground 42nby Janet Scott BarlownRELIGION: The New Anti-Civilization 43nby Anthony HarrigannDuke Chapel, Then and Now 45nby Mark TooleynART: Hate for Hate’s Sake 46nby Aaron D. WolfnDEPARTMENTSnPOLEMICS & EXCHANGES 4nCuL’iTjRAL REVOLUTIONS 6nPRINCIPALITIES & POWERS 33nThe New Meaning of “Racism”nby Samuel FrancisnLETTER FROM ROCKFORD 35nFree at Lastnby Scott P. RichertnAMERIC/N INTEREST 41nRobert Hanssen and the New Meaning of Treasonnby Srdja TrifkovicnIN THE DARK 47nThe Tailor of Panamanby George McCartneynTHE HUNDREDTH MERIDLN 49nGetting Out of Dodgenby Chilton Williamson, Jr.nPOETRYnHorses for My Father by Timothy Murphy 12nDeer on Rose’s Hill by Brendan Calvin 14nON THE COVERnCover by H. Ward Sterett and Melanie Anderson;ninside illustrations by H. Ward Sterett.nnnJUNE 2001/3n