ChroniclesrnA M A G A Z I N E OF A M E R I C A N C U L T U R E PERSPECTIVErnRedeeming the Timernb’l’honias Flemingrn10rn•I’hcd ns arc c ii.rnVIEWSrnThe Third Compartmentrnh Chilton Williamson, Jr.rnhnmigration and the American future.rnA New /VgendarnA round table discussion b Samuel b’rancis,rnPhili]3 Jenkins, Virginia Deane Abernetin, andrnDonalcl W . 1 .ixingstonrnCalifornia, Here We Comernb Roger 11. McCrathrnKat, bar the door.rnREVIEWSrnSometliing Is Mi.s.singrnb Paul CottfncdrnMichael Barone: llie New Ainericiins:rnI lo]V the leltiii” Pot Can Work AaainrnJonathan Ellis on ,hirk Bowdcn’s Killing Pahlo:rnThe Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw -••rnCarey M. Roberts on H. Lee Cheek’s Calhounrnand Popular Rule: ‘the Politieal I’heor)’ of thernDisc|uisition and Discorn’se ••• Seott Lahti onrnJeff Sn”der’s Nation of Cowards: Essays on the Ethicsrn(>l Gun Control • • J.O. Tate on Richard La’man*srnand Julie W. Riett’s Selected Letters of Dashiellrnliammett, 1921-1960, and ‘i’om Hincy’s and FranrnMacShauc’s The Raymond Chandler Papers: SelectedrnLetters and Nonfiction. 1909-J959 -^ Bill Crokernon Robert Faxalt’s ‘I’ravels With My Royal: A Memoirrnof the Writing Life • •rnCORRESPONDENCErnLetter From Indonesia: Modern Religious Warsrnh Doug BandowrnLetter T’rom Louisiana: The Peculiar histitiitionrnb C’hris Segurarn14 Letter From Palermo: To Get Something Donernb’ Andrei NavrozovrnVITAL SIGNSrn17rnFlI.M: The Time of Our Peoplernb H.A. Scott’I’raskrn22 SOCIKIY: Hell Is Other Peoplernbv Marian Kester CoombsrnRtXIGION: Gods of InchisionrnbMark’roolcrnCOLUMNSrnSINS O F OMISSIONrnb Roger D. MeCrathrnLi ri I’.R FROM ROCKFOROrn27 b}- Scott P. RiehertrnSIGNS O F TiiF LIMESrnIN T I I F DARKrnApocalypse Now Reduxrnb Cjcorge MeCartirernDEPARTMENTSrnPOI.F.MICS & EXCHANGI’.SrnCULIlIRL RFAOLL/riONSrnPOIIRYrnIn Sacfqara by Catharine Saagc Brosnianrn34 Dis-appointments by Bradle- R. Strahanrn36rnON THE COVERrn38rn42rn44rn33rn40rn49rn4rn6rn12rn50rnCocr and inside illustrahons b leff Drew.rnNOVEMBER 200l/’irnrnrn