Join th€ C.I.A. Since the 1960s, much of Catholicism has veeredrnoff in a revolutionary direction — its Marxism derivingrnas much from Groucho as from Karl — and in Americarnthe results are in: Two out of three Catholics don’t believernin the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.rnThe number of priests, brothers, sisters, Catholicrnschools, seminaries, baptisms, marriages,rnand conversions has declined — dramaticallyrnin certain cases. And weekly churchrnattendance has dropped from 70% to 25%.rnThe Catholic revolution, like Lenin’s andrnCastro’s revolutions, has been a flop. Ofrncourse Father Flapdoodle, Sister Snakebite,rnand Bishop Bubbles haven’t figured thatrnout—they think the 60s never ended.rnStill trying to be cool cats, they’rernso cool they’re frozen in a timernwarp.rnBut mercifully, God’s frozenrnpeople are thawing out.rnWhere’s the fire and intelligence in the Church today?rnAmong traditional Catholics! The dioceses that have nornvocations shortage, the religious orders that are growing,rnand the seminaries that are packed are predominantlyrnthe traditional ones. And traditional Catholics havernbeen founding newcolleges and seminaries. Polls showrnthat the Catholics most committed to the Church are traditionalrnCatholics. Seminarians and younger priests arernmuch more traditional than middle-aged and older priests.rnThe only novel idea in Catholic education is home-schooling,rnspearheaded by traditional Catholics. The only massiverngrassroots movement in the Church is the prolifernmovement, led by traditional Catholics. The only signifi-rnEWTN. The only significant Catholic voice on radio isrnthat of traditional Catholics.rnIn Catholic journalism, guess what’s coming atrnyou /70f off the presses? Orthodoxy! And who blazedrnthat trail? We at the NEW OXFORD REVIEW did. As Fr.rnJoseph Fessio said recently, “Since the NEWrnOXFORD REVIEW began… I can count 19 newrn[orthodox] Catholic magazines.” We werernfounded in 1977 as an orthodox Anglo-rnCatholic magazine, taking our name fromrnthe 19th-century Oxford Movement, andrnwe immediately championed Pope JohnrnPaul 11 when he cracked down on dissentingrntheologian Hans Kung, although nornleading Roman Catholic magazinernwas willing to do so. The noveltyrnof Anglicans supporting a muscularrnPope attracted the attentionrnof Newsweek, whichrndid a story on us, and predictedrnthat we would, like John Henry Newman ofrnOxford Movement fame, become Roman Catholic,rnwhich we did in 1983.rnOur pioneering monthly magazine is still blazingrnthe trail—with “brilliance” (as the Library Joumal says)rnand “cheek” (as Newsweek says). And we’re unusuallyrncheap (see below).rnThe Berlin Wall erected by Catholic modernistsrnhas been suffocating the Church. We’re intent on tearingrnit down so the Church may breathe free again. AsrnKarl Keating says, “we’re Catholicism’s intellectualrnprizefighter” — and “every issue,” says The Wanderer,rn”is a wonderful educational experience.” Join ourrncant Catholic presence on TV is the ardently traditional Catholic Intelligence Agency by subscribing today!rnXatholic IntGlligcncE Agencyrn(Please aiiow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of first issue.)rnSPECIAL DISCOUNT RATESrnD One-year subscription $14 (regularly $19)rnD One-year student, unemployed, or retiredrnperson’s subscription $12 (regularly $16)rnO Two-year subscription $23 (regularly $35)rnName (Please print or type)rnStreet Address or P.O. BoxrnCity State ZiprnFOR FIRST-TIME SUBSCRIBERSrnD One-year non-U.S. subscription US$24rn(regulariy $29) Payment must be drawn in U.S. Dollars.rna Sample copy $3.50rn-> Our prices are so low because you can’t pay by creditrncard and payment must accompany order. Send letter or thisrncoupon with check payable to NEW OXFORD REVIEW.rnMail to: ^gyy OXFORD REVIEWrnRoom 146rn1069 Kains Ave.rnBerkeley CA 94706rnrnrn