Wisdom for our time . . . Where real hope lies . . .rnT?« thernfo(j( crlMCJrn(Jone Inrndays ofrnnature IrnAre b^'(t”rnaM p(it9^rnawayrnTHE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’SrnSIXTH ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOLrn”Shakespeare and the Tudor Revolution”rnJuly 8-13, 2003rnRockford, Illinoisrn, , . Tempest,rnThe Merchant otrnVenice, MacbethrnThe Golden Age of English Literature gave us literaryrngeniuses (Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson, Spenser, Donne,rnand Hooker), heterodox villains (John Dee, Francis Bacon,rnRene Descartes, and the founders of the Royal Society) andrncourageous defenders of the Faith (Saints Thomas More, John Fisher,rnand Edmund Campion).rnJoin Chronicles editorsrnThomas Fleming, Samuel Francis, and Aaron D. Wolf,rnalong withrnFr. Hugh Barbour and Dr. James Patrickrnfor lectures and discussions on:rn—The Tudor total state —Comedy with a purposern— Catholic resistance —The art of the songrn— Shakespeare, Jonson, and the Catholic Church —Reformation or devastation?rnBen]onsonsrnTheSfjamshf”^’^’rnThe Astrologer,rnVolpone,rnFvery Man mrnHis Own Humorrn-Shakespeare, Tudor propaganda, the Wars of the Roses, and the imaginative historyrnof England.rn-Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the spirit of classical tragedyrn-From humanism and the scientific method to alchemy, numerology, and magicrnBeautiful riverfront accommodations at Rockford’s premier hotel:rnCliffbreakers River Suites Hotel (www.cliffbreakers.com)rnPlease enroll me in THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’S Sixth Annual Summer SchoolrnQ Full Registration, Double Occupancy—$595.00 (Includes all lecturesrnand events, five nights shared lodging with breakfast, daily dinner)rn[^ Full Registration, Single Occupancy—$695.00 (Includes all lecturesrnand events, five nights private lodging with breakfast, daily dinner)rn[^ Commuter Registration, lectures only—$225.00rn(Includes daytime lectures only, no meals or evening events)rn• Commuter Registration plus dinner—$325.00rn(Includes all lectures and events, daily dinner)rn[^ I’d like to help sponsor a young student.rnEnclosed is my contribution of . (For a gift of $500.00 or more,rnwe will send you a complete set of audiotapes from the Summer School.)rn[^ Please send me a brochure.rnPlease mail form with check to:rnThe Rockford Institute • 928 North Main Street • Rockford, Illinois 61103rnTo pay by credit card, please call Cindy Link at (815) 964-5813.rnQuestions? Call Christopher Check,rnexecutive vice president, at (815) 964-5811.rnName(s)_rnAddressrnCiry, State, ZiprnPhonernFaxrnE-mailrnPrices are per student.rnReturning students may deduct $25.00.rnAll prices increase $50.00 after May 15.rnPrices do not include booksrnon the reading list.rnrnrn