Black Sea SketchesrnBLACK SEA SKETCHES is a travel book written for serious travelers, including armchairrntravelers. Although the author may take an occasional swim or walk the beaches,rnthe book is much more about the history and prehistory, the culture and the contemporaryrnscene than about recreational opportunities. It is the kind of book yournwould want to read before or during your own travel in these fascinating countries.rnThe five countries—Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia—often sharernmilitary and economic history, but cultural contrasts abound: different alphabets andrnlanguages, different religions. While most of Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Georgiarnembrace the Orthodox faith, Turkey is largely Muslim, as is part of the Crimean population.rnAll five of the countries reflect, especially architecturally, the common past ofrnancient Greece and, most of them, of the later Genoan commercial empire.rnRising above the glittering monuments of thernpast, however, are the people Mills met and thernstories of their lives, often of great couragernunder pressure and of generosity to a strangerrnand a traveler.rnComments about other works of William Millsrn”William Mills’ stories draw the reader deeply intornthe hearts and minds of men and women to revealrnthe essential nature of Man in a world governedrnby forces so primal there is no resisting their call,rnno mitigation of their judgment.”rn—Gordon Weaverrn”Seldom have I found a contemporary poet sornintensely and humanly convincing. Mills’rnvoice is very near the fraternal and memorablernsounds we all want to make, and say.”rn—^James DickeyrnBlack SearnSketchesrnWilliam MillsrnBlack Sea Sketches Order Form (please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)rnPaperback Price $19.95rn($16.95 + $3.00 shipping and handling each)rnX QuantityrnTotalrnNamernAddress.rnCity/State/Zip_rnBLAGrnPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800rnMount Morris, IL 61054rno r , to o r d e r t o l l – f r e e ,rnc a l l 1 – 8 0 0 – 3 9 7 – 8 1 60rnABLAOlrnCheck or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: | | MasterCard | | Visa | | AmexrnCard #rnExpiration DaternSignaturernrnrn