THE MORALITY OF EVERYDAY LIFEnRediscovering annfVneiciit, Alternativen^^’ I ‘his book is a pleasure to read,n1 filled with telling and memorablenexamples —both erudite and popular—andncontinually stimulating in its account. Itsnrhetoric blends something of a Nietzscheannsubversion with the humane balance ofnHume. It is the most devastating critiquenof liberalism since Maclntyre.”n— Donald W. LivingstonnEmory UniversitynWniinriting much more accessibly andnknowledgeably 1<nthan most modernnprofessional philosophers, Fleming revivifiesnthe body of thought with which civilization wasncreated and without which it is disintegrating.”n— Ray OlsonnBooklistnThe Morality of Everyday Life:nRediscovering an Ancient Alternative to the Liberal Traditionnby Thomas FlemingnWhat passes for conservatism today is really nothing more than the impossible moral and social theoriesnof the Renaissance and Enlightenment, in which universal abstractions, such as democracy and equality,nare presented as hard truths, when, in fact, they have never existed in any society in human history.nNonetheless, they are to be applied worldwide, at the tip of a spear (or cruise missile) if necessary.nDr. Fleming’s alternative is rooted in “everyday life,” the local realities of blood and soil, custom andntradition, friendship and faith, and in the wisdom born of the experiences these realities beget. Thisnwisdom finds expression in folktales and fables, in ancient Hebrew Scriptures and Greek philosophy,nand in medieval casuistry. It is the method to solving ethical problems great and small, and it is thenmethod that undergirds authentic conservatism.nThe Morality of Everyday Life Order Form (please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)nHardcover Price $49.95n($44.95 + $5.00 shipping and handling each)nX QuantitynTotalnAMOR08nPlease mail form (with payment) to:nChronicles/ProductsnP.O. Box 800, Mount Morris, IL 61054nor, to order toll-free,ncall 1-800-397-8160nNamenAddress.nCity/State/ZipnCheck or money order enclosednI I Please bill my: I—I MasterCard I—I Visa I I Amex I I DiscovernCard #.nExpiration DatenSignaturennn