THOMAS FLEMING’S LATEST BOOKrnTBIMORMYOFIViRmVUlrn280 pages, $44.95rnAlso of InterestrnThe Morality of Everyday LifernRediscovering an Ancient Alternative to the Liberal TraditionrnThomas Flemingrn”This book is a pleasure to read, filled with telling and memorable examples—bothrnerudite and popular—and continually stimulating in its account. Its rhetoric blendsrnsomething of a Nietzschean subversion with the humane balance of Hume. It is thernmost devastating critique of liberalism since Maclntyre.”—Donald W. LivingstonrnIn The Morality of Everyday Life, Thomas Fleming offers an alternative to the enlightenedrnliberalism espoused by thinkers as different as Kant, Mill, Rand, and Rawls.rnPhilosophers in the liberal tradition, although they disagree on many importantrnquestions, agree that moral and political problems should be looked at from anrnobjective point of view and a decision made from a distant perspective that is bothrnrational and universally applied to all comparable cases. Fleming instead placesrnimportance on the particular, the local, and moral complexity.rnRussell Kirk and the Age of IdeologyrnW. Wesley McDonaldrnRussell Kirk has been regarded as one of the foremostrnfigures of the post-World War 11 revival in conservativernthought. While numerous commentators onrncontemporary political thought have acknowledgedrnhis considerable influence on American conservatism,rnno analysis of his social and political writing has dealtrnextensively with the philosophical foundations of hisrnwork. W. Wesley McDonald examines those foundationsrnand demonstrates their impact on the conservative intellectualrnmovement that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s.rn264 pages, $44.95rnMulticulturalism and the Politics of GuiltrnToward a Secular TheocracyrnPaul Edward Gottfriedrn”Gottfried’s book addresses multicultural ideology andrnits program: to fashion beliefs and behavior in conformityrnwith the multicultural outlook on the world, whichrnis one of victim and victimizer…. His analysis of thernsituation both in the United States and in western Europernis devastating and brilliant,… he has produced a bookrnfrom which any authentic conservative would benefit.”rn—American Conservativern176 pages, $19.95 paperrnPlease send me the following copies:rnThe Morality of Everyday Life $44.95rnRussell Kirk and the Age of Ideology $44.95rnMulticulturalism and the Politics of Guilt $19.95rnAll orders from individuals must be accompanied by a checkrnor money order or can be charged to MasterCard, Visa, orrnDiscover. For faster service, credit card customers can callrntoll-free 1-800-828-1894. Checks should be made payablernto the University of Missouri Press. Handling fee: $4.00 forrnthe first book; $1.00 for each additional book ordered.rnSend orders to:rnUniversity of Missouri Pressrn2910 LeMone BoulevardrnColumbia, MO • 1-800-828-1894rnNamernAddressrnCitv State ZiprnDavtime phonernCharge my: n MasterCard D Visa D DiscoverrnAccount numberrnExpiration daternSignaturernMissouri residerrnCM4rnSubtotal $rnts add 7.35% sales tax $rnShipping 8( handling $rnTotalsrnrnrn