THE WAR ON TERRORrnAre We Winning or Losing?rnFour hard-hitting and candid panels that reveal where America truly stands in her “War an Terror.rnTHE FAILURE OF THE WESTrnThe Return of the OttomansrnWhile Europe and the United States clamor for thernallegedly modern, secular state of Turkey to join thernEuropean Union, the last six human-rights advisorsrnto the Turkish government have resigned in protestrnof their government’s anti-Christian policies. Learnrnabout the real Turkey and the chilling historical contextrnfrom Dr. Thomas Fleming, editor of Chronicles.rnSelling Muhammadrnthe RopernCol. Ronald Hatchett,rnformer ReaganrnAdministration armsrnnegotiator, questionsrnAmerican antiterroristrnrhetoric in light of arnhistory of one foreignpolicyrnblunder afterrnanother in the MiddlernEast, arming andrnsubsidizing peoplernwho hate America.rnCLOSING THE DOORrnImmigration and TerrorismrnWayne Allensworth, intelligence analyst and nativernTexan, paints a grim picture of America’s southernrnborder and the current administration’s failure tornacknowledge, much less address, a problem that is nornlonger simply a matter of culture or economics but ofrnnational security.rnLearning From Canada’s MistakesrnAmbassador James Bissett, former director of thernCanadian Immigration Service, describes the effectsrnthat Canada’s appallingly lax citizenship laws havernon the security of all of North America, forcing him tornconclude that Canadian efforts in the War on Terror arernlittle more than “feeble.”rn^ * ^ CrnTHE THREAT WITHINrnLegislative Reform Versus JihadrnDr. Stephen Presser, Chronicles’ legal-affairs editorrnand Raoul Berger chair of legal history at NorthwesternrnUniversity Law School, asks if the PATRIOT Actrnaccords with the American legal tradition and findsrnenthusiasm in unexpected quarters for interpretations!rnof the law that would support aggressive, proactivernantiterrorist policies.rnIslamic Cells in the HeartlandrnScott P. Richert, executive editor of Chronicles, discussfrnthe alarming growth of Islamic schools in America’srnheartland, looks at curricula designed to form the nexrngeneration of jihadists, and asks, “Can sharia happenrnhere?”rnWEAK LINKS IN THE WAR ON TERRORrnWith Allies Like These . . .rnDr. Srdja Trifkovic, director of The Rockford Institute’srnCenter for International Affairs, considers the War on Terrcrnin light of American foreign policy in the Balkans, wherernindependence for Kosovo and the centralization of Bosnia-rnHerzegovina threaten to facilitate the spread of jihad intornthe heart of Europe.rnWashington’s Failed Policy in the War on TerrorrnThomas W. Pauken, former chairman of the RepublicanrnParty of Texas, looks at the wholesale takeover of Americairnforeign policy by the neoconservativesrnand proposes a plan forrna restoration of authenticrnconservative politics.rnrnrn