“I’m a&uux iuvay. Perfuun to Ckdrt&stm…. where there’s a. Uttie bit ofarAce OMA ckarm Left Ui thk wwUi.”rn—Rheit Butterrn’Rrn^.-^^^Sv^fWrnThe Rockford Institute andrnChronicles: A Magazine of AmericanrnCulture presentrnThe 16th Annual Meeting of thernJohn Randolph Clubrn” ‘^ “SmaU Is Beautiful:rnThe Politics and Culture of the Human Scale’rnJoin Thomas Fleming, Donald Livingston, ChiltonrnWilliamson, Jr., Clyde Wilson, David Hartman,rnThomas Landess, Joseph Pearce, Scott R Richert,rnAaron D. Wolf, and others at the Embassy SuitesrnHistoric Charleston, a beautifully restored 19thcenturyrnlandmark that originally served as thernCitadel Military College. Topics will include culturalrnand political secession, real versus virtualrncommunities, commerce on the human scale, andrnauthentic versus manufactured culture. IrnSpecial Saturday night black-tie banquet honoring the ‘rnlegacy of Samuel Francis. Call for rates if you wish tornattend only the banquet or ^^flflH^^ Irnthe JRC panels. .^^^^^^Hjl^ IrnDecember 9-10,2005rnCharleston,rnSouth CarolinarnOpen to allrnChroniclesrnsubscribers!rnCome early for a three-dayrnConvivium celebrating thernhistory and literature ofrnAmerica’s most beautiful cityrn”Charleston:rnAmerica’s Eternal City”rnDecember 7-9rnThe Convivium will include a reception, three grouprnmeals, plantation visits, and guided walks though thernonly American city on the open sea. Lectures andrndiscussions will include, among others:rn—Charleston Twice Beseigedrn—Wilham Gilmore Simms and His Companionsrn—John C. Calhoun: America’s Most OriginalrnPolitical ThinkerrnStroll the Battery, visit the Old Market, admirernantebellum mansions, and sample an Americanrnculinary tradition rivaled only by New Orleans!rnCall for rates if you wish to attend only thernConvivium.rnNAME(S) ,rnA D D W ‘ S SrnPHONE/FAX.rnEMAILrnA limited number of suites h;id been set aside at a special rate of $129.00rnper night, single/double occupancy, full breakfiist included. However, therndeadline for reservations was November 14, 2005.rnPlease call Christopher Check at (815) 964-5813rnfor assistance in booking a room.rnCHARLESTON: AMERICA’S ETERNAL CITY” CONVIVIUMrn(INCLUDES FULL REGISTRATION FOR THE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUB)rnJOHN RANDOLPH CLUB FULL REGISTRATIONrn(ALL PANELS, FRIDAY EVENING OPENING ADDRESS AND RECEPTION, SATURDAY EVENING BANQUET AND PROGRAM)rnJRC MLMBER [email protected] $650.°°”[email protected] $255.â„¢ ” [email protected] $280.»””=$_rnEnclosed is my donation of $_ SO that’rnTOTAE ENCLOSEDrnrrhy young students can attend this important event.rnMake checks payable to The John Randolph Club and mail with completed form tornJRC, The Rockford Institute, 928 N. Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103 or pay by credit card by calling Cindy kink at (815) 964-5813rnrnrn