CHRONICLES’ BACK ISSUES, TAPES, AND BOOKSrnThe 15th Annual Meeting of The John Randolph ClubrnHOW THE WEST WAS WON-Audiotape—From Thermopylae to Tours, fromrnLepanto to Midway, historian Roger McGrath offers a stirring survey of the responsernof Western civilization to times of crisis. When things seem most desperate, the Westrnhas never failed to marshal its fighting spirit so that Uberty can prevail. McGrath offersrnthese accounts in the context of the resurgence of Christendom’s great enemy, Islam.rnTape#RIJl $12.50rnTHREATS FROM ABROAD-Audiotape-C/iromc/ei^ foreign affairs editor,rnSrdjaTrifkovic, lays bare the reality of the motives and methods of Islam and proposesrnthe radical policies necessary if this threat to America is to be stopped. Economist WilliamrnHawkins, in “China: Economic and Military Threat,” offers a startling account ofrnChina’s pending economic dominance that will lead to hegemony in the Pacific Rim.rnTape#:RIJ2 $12.50rnMORALSURRENDER—Audiotape—C/ira/j/c/e5’Washington editor Samuel Francisrnreviews what the 2004 presidential election predicts for the future of the RepublicanrnParty and argues that recent surges in patriotism, even if directed at a dubious cause, arerna sign of hope. In “Queer Eye for the Church Guy,” Chronicles’ associate editor AaronrnD. Wolf reveals the extent to which homosexuality has infected America’s churches.rnTape#:RIJ3 $12.50rnTHE MAKING AND UNMAKING OF TEXAN IDENTITY-Audiotape-Narntive Texan Wayne Allensworth explains what it means to be a Texan in a funny andrnmoving tribute to three of the Lone Star State’s biggest heroes: frontiersman WilliamrnAlexander Anderson “Bigfoot” Wallace; San Jacinto victor Sam “Big Drunk” Houston;rnand the most decorated soldier in American history, Audie Murphy.rnTape#:RIJ4 $12.50rnLOSING OUR ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE-Audiotape-C/;ro/j;c/e5′ executiverneditor Scott P. Richert considers the recent presidential election in the light ofrnthe losses in American manufacturing over the past decade, and economist and bankerrnDavid Hartman outlines a simple plan to reverse the decline in U.S. manufacturing thatrnhas put our nation’s prosperity and security in peril.rnTape#:RIJ5 $12.50rnTHEIR MANNERS AND OURS-Audiotape-C/^ra/j/c/fi” senior editor for booksrnChilton Williamson, Jr., decries the utter abandonment of manners in post-ChristianrnAmerica and offers advice for living in such a world, while Chronicles’ editor ThomasrnFleming draws on themes from his latest book. The Morality of Everyday Life, to offerrnlife lessons for Christians living in a world of widespread moral decay.rnTape#:RIJ6 $12.50rnPRESENTATION OF THE FIRST JOHN RANDOLPH AWARD: “SCRATCHINGrnFOR FLEAS: AMERICAN HISTORIANS AND THEIR HISTORY”-Audiotapern—Dr. Clyde Wilson offers a moving reflection on the role of the historian as thernstoryteller to whom the identity of a people is entrusted. For his own work in this regard,rnthe John Randolph Club presents Dr. Wilson with its first John Randolph Award.rnTape#:RIJ7 $12.50rnTHE ALAMO: CHARACTERS AND CONTROVERSIES-Audiotape-lt hasrnbecome fashionable to “expose” our heroes as something less than what our nationalrnmyths tell us about them. The men who fought and died at the Alamo were extraordinaryrnmen, and William Barrett Travis, Davy Crockett, and, Jim Bowie, are ablyrndefended by historians Wayne Allensworth, Roger McGrath, and Dan Gagliasso.rnTape#:RU8 $12.50rnTHE 15TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUB: “ENEMIESrnOF THE WEST FROM THE ALAMO TO KOSOVO”-Eight Audiorntapes—The complete proceedings of the John Randolph Club’s 2004 meeting in historicrnSan Antonio (tape #s RIJ1, RIJ2, RIJ3, R1J4, R1J5, R1J6, RIJ7. R1J8). Includes arntribute to the heroes of the Alamo: Travis, Bowie, and Crockett. A $100.00 value.rnSet#:RIJS $80.00rnTHE 14TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUB: AMERICA:rnAEUROPEAN NATION—Six Audiotapes—The complete proceedings of thernJohn Randolph Club’s 2003 first-ever meeting in New Orleans’ historic French Quarterrn(tape #s RHJl, RHJ2, RHJ3. RHJ4. RHJ5, and RHJ6). A $75.00 value. Includes arnlively panel exposing the problems with the Iraq war.rnSet #: RHJS $60.00rnTHE 13TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUB: AMERICA:rnTHE DIVIDED LAND—Seven Audiotapes—The complete proceedings ofrnthe John Randolph Club’s 2002 meeting in Chronicles^ hometown of Rockford, Illinoisrn(tape #s RGJ1. RGJ2, RGJ3, RGJ4, RGJ5, RGJ6. and RGJ7). A value of $87.50. IncludesrnTom Sheeley’s guitar performance and scathing attack on multiculturalism.rnSet#:RGJS $70.00rnTHE 12TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE JOHN RANDOLPH CLUB: TYRANNYrnAND REVOLUTION—Six Audiotapes—The complete proceedings of the JohnrnRandolph Club’s 2001 meeting in Chronicles’ hometown of Rockford, Illinois (tape #srnRFJl, RFJ2, RFJ3. RFJ4, RFJ5. and RFJ6). A $75.00 value. Includes author AnthonyrnBukoski’s reading of his original short story “Leokadia and Fireflies.”rnSet #: RFJS $60.00rnProduct Order FormrnNamernAddress_rnCity/State/Ziprncheck or money order enclosedrnPlease bill my: I I MasterCard I I Visa I I Amex I IrnCard #rnDiscoverrnExpiration Date_rnSignaturernPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/Products, P.O. Box 800, Mount Morris, IL 61054rno r , t o o r d e r t o l l – f r e e , c a l l ( 8 0 0 ) 3 9 7 – 8 1 6 0rnProduct Code Quantity Unit PricernSubtotalrn20% Discount (on orders over $50.00)rnTotal PricernShipping & Handling N C L U D E DrnTax-Deductible Donation to The Rockford InstituternTotalrnOffer expires 7/51/06rnrnrn