THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’S NINTH ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOrnJuly 11-16, 2006rnRockford, Illinoisrn>5”rn•V/f’fs v,°^rnJoin Chronicles editor Thomas Fleming along with special guestsrnDr. Thomas Landess Dr. James PatrickrnProfessor of literature andrnacademic dean emeritus,rnUniversity of DallasrnChancellor of the Collegernof Saint Thomas Morernin Fort WorthrnIan Boyd, C.S.B.rnEditor,rnthe Chesterton ReviewrnThe American Agrarian Tradition: From Thomas Jefferson to Wendell BerryrnTo many, the word “agrarian” conjures up a vision of nostalgic Southern poets lamentingrnthe good old days down on the old plantation. In fact, the agrarian traditionrnhas little to do with nostalgia and much to do with the cold hard facts of political andrneconomic life. At the very heart of every republic stands the farmer who owns hisrnland and defends his liberty in time of war. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson werernboth agrarians in the true sense, and so were such ancient writers as Hesiod, Cato,rnand Vergil.rnReadings Vergil, Hesiod, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson,rnFr. Vincent McNabb, Andrew Lytic, Donald Davidson,rnWendell Berry, M.E. Bradford, along with III Take MyrnStand and Who Owns America?rnI w^ , :’y79rnRegistration is limited and is on a first-come, firstservernbasis. Beautiful riverfront accommodations atrnRockford’s premier hotel: Cliffbreakers River SuitesrnHotel { more information contact ChristopherrnCheck at (815) 964-5811 or visit our website, Registration (hicludes all lectures and events, five nights lodging with breakfast,rndaily dinner)rnDouble Occupancy—$645.00, Single Occupancy—$745.00rnCommuter RegistrationrnLectures Only-$275.00, Plus Dinner-$375.00rnReturning students may deduct $25.00. Scholarships are available for undergraduaternand graduate students.rnPrices are per student and do not include books on the reading list.rnrnrn