Attention Full-Time Students and Budget-Minded Travelers!|rnChronicles editor Thomas Fleming, ;rnRockford Institute vice president Christopher Checkrnand special guestrnDr. James Patrick, irnchancellor of the College of Saint Thomas MorernThe Rockford Institute’s Second Winter Schoolrn”The Age of Gregory the Great” IrnJanuary 3-10, 2007, in RomernThe Aye olCiivtioiA was a linio oleri.sis w iiliin the Chuivh antI iolcncc auaiiisi Wcv. Si. CirogoiA the Ciival.rnporhajis the givau-sl ol’lho popes and ainoiii: llie deepest of Christian thinl^ers. shcns what one man can ilo.rndespite war. schism. heres. and poor heahh. to redeem the time. Lectinvs w ill locus on the life and worksrnorCireyory the Great, as well as Saint lienedicl. Hoethiiis. I’anl the Deacon, and l.mperor .kistinian. I.earnrnthe story olihe great men who hegan huikling Christian liurope on the roiiiKlation of the Roman hmpire i\rntransrorming the Roman order in Christ.rnDaily guided walks in Rome will introduce students to the l-ternal City’s great churches, museums, andrnarcheological sites. giing special emphasis lo Rome’s earliest Christian churches such as San Clemente.rnSan (ieorgio in N’eiahro. Santa .kiria in Anliqua. Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Sant’Agnese I’uori le .kira. Sanrnl.oren/o luori le Mura. and Santa Sabina.rnnights’ lodging (Trastevere convent) I Breakfast & dinner ! Lectures I Guided walks ! Museirn$1,095.00 (double occupancy) I Scholarships available for full-time studentsrnFor more information, contact Christopher Check, executive vice president, at (815) 964-5811.rnrnrn