The Rockford Institute’s Third Winter School • January 2-9, 2008n”The Rise of Rome”nDrawing on readings from Livy, Plautus, Terence,nCato, and Plutarch, students will discover whynthe Founding Fathers of the American Republicnchose the Roman Republic as their model.nLectures will include discussions of Rome’sninfluence on the Anglo-American republicanntradition; classical architecture and its legacy; thenarmy that stopped FHannibal; the Roman family;nand Cato the Elder and the crisis of the RomannRepublic.nDaily guided walks will introduce students tonthe Eternal City’s great churches, museums, andnarcheological sites. Special events include ann,;, excursion to Ostia Antica and a lunch at Cipriani.n^^j^^:free time for priycrte sigbiseeingand shopping!n^^^mmmimnW’^f*nFacultynChronicles editors Thomas Fleming and Scott P. RIchenRockford Institute vice president Christopher Check,nGail Fleming, and special guest Dr. James Patrick,nchancellor of the College of Saint Thomas Morenvent If net street in Trastevere, convenient to both the Vatican and Rome’s Centro Storlcfn, –Jp^r person, double occupKcy) • -,nJe rooms are available. Cajj for rates. fSBgistration fees are basiedx^BvCBirW:nInstitute reserves the right to assess a fee, should rates change significantly at the doHar’s enFor more information or to register, contact Christopher Chick, executive vice presicndit{^^%y^<&4-5di^^nLICENSEDnOYvvsiinTOnwww.Rockfordln^titute.qn^nUNZ.ORGn-^ 1nn>-«*f^w-n