THE ROCKFORD INSTITUTE’S TENTH ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOCrnJoin Chronicles editors Thomas Fleming and Aaron D. Wolf,rnRockford Institute Vice President Christopher Check,rnand special guestsrnFr. Hugh Barbour, O.Praem.rnPrior of Saint Michael’s Abbey, Silverado, CaliforniarnDr. Donald LivingstonrnProfessor of philosophy at Emory UniversityrnDr. James Patrickrnchancellor of the College of Saint Thonnas More in Fort Worth, Texasrn* July 10-15, 2007 • ROCKFORD, ILLINOIrn’The Stuarts and the English Revolution: From ‘Charles the Martyr’ to William the DutchmairnAnglo-American political traditions, both liberal and conservative, were forged inrnthe revolutionary struggles of the 17th century. Understanding American history,rnincluding our own Revolution and Civil War, is impossible without an understandingrnof the influential political thinkers this age produced: Hobbes, Filmer, and Locke.rnAnd for all the strife and horror of the times, English letters flowered in the works ofrnsuch men as Defoe, Dryden, Marvell, and Milton. The works of Jeremy Taylor andrnothers made this the last period when English was an important language of theology,rnbut the age also saw the rise of the most lunatic sectarians: Levellers, Diggers, Ranters,rnand Fifth Monarchists—nutballs who make Pat Robertson seem as wise as Newman.rnBeautiful riverfront accommodations at Rockford’srnpremier hotel: Cliffbreakers River Suites Hotelrn{www. cliffbreakers. com)rnRegistration is limited and is on a first-come, firstservernbasis. For more information, or to inquirernabout scholarships for full-time students, contactrnChristopher Check at (815) 964-5811.rnFull Registrationrn(Includes all lectures and events, five nights’ lodging with breakfast, daily dinnernDouble Occupancy—$645.00; Single Occupancy—$745.00rnCommuter RegistrationrnLectures Only—$275.00; Plus Dinner—$375.00rnReturning students may deduct $25.00.rnPrices are per student and do not include books on the reading list.rnrnrn