T he puri>osf of this book is to rckindlo debate in the I ‘nited Stiites at)oiit the Israeli-rnPalestinian conflict. . . . It is not normal that the discourse on the dispute is far morerndynamic, varied, and intelligent in other countries—including Israel—than in America.rn—From the ForewordrnPeace in the Promised Land: A Realist Scenariornedited by Srdja Trifkovicrnfeaturing chapters by Middle Eastern experts. Chronicles editors, and scholarsrnThomas Fleming, Michael Stenton, Leon Hadar, Srdja Trifkovic, Aaron D. Wolf, Paul Gottfried,rnWayne Allensworth, David A. Hartman, Doug Bandow, Stephen B. Presser, and Ivan Eland,rnas well as color maps, source documents, and a selected bibliographyrnFew issues in American foreign policy evoke morernemotion than U.S support for Israel. With the deathrnof Yasser Arafat and a new centrist coalition in Israel,rnhowever, it is time to reconsider the question, “Whatrnis the American interest in this conflict?”rnPeace in the Promised Land is essential readingrnfor anyone who wants to move beyond sound bitesrnand policy proposals to understand the roots of thernconflict—and the role that the United States canrnplay in its resolution.rn”The letters of history are fake unless tfiey are written in blood.”rnA Realist ScenariornPeace in the Promised Land Order Form (please allow 6 weeks for delivery)rnSoftcover Price $34.95rn($29.95 + $5.00 shipping and handling each)rnX QuantityrnTotalrnPEACrnNamernAddressrnCity/State/Zip.rnPlease mail form (with payment) to:rnChronicles/ProductsrnP.O. Box 800, Mount Morris, IL 61054rnor, to order tol 1-free,rncall 1-800-397-81 60rnPEACrnCheck or money order enclosedrnI I Please bill my: I I MasterCard I I Visa 1 I Amex I I DiscoverrnCard SrnExpiration DaternSignaturernrnrn