Christian Culture: It’s a Matter of Life or Deathn”Anything and everything of importance in Western Civilization is related to thenCatholic Church. That’s because the Christian world breathes Catholic oxygen.”nAREMARK like that atnmost Catholic univeisitiesnwould meet with blanknstares—not only in the classroom,nbut in the faculty lounge.nMoreover, even most devotednCatholics are ignorant of theirnown heritage.nThat’s because Catholic educationnfor two generations hasnpretty much ignored the deepnroot system of Catholic history.nSo Catholics—even practicing Catholics—are left with littlenunderstanding of the meaning of the Church. To most, itsnMass and the Sacraments. While these form the beautifulnheart and soul of Christianity, that heart and soul “produced”nsomething that all intelligent Catholics need to learn more about.n• great art • great literaturen• great architecture • great musicnEdited by the much-celebrated British author JosephnPearce, and published by Sapientia Press of Ave MarianUniversity, StAR brings you the riches of tradition in eachnbi-monthly issue:n• “Reclaiming Culture.” How troubling times cannbe redeemedn• In-depth examination of the arts, literature, music,nmajor new films, and much moren• Introductory essays by Joseph Pearcen• How Catholics view life, and why Protestant and secularnsensibilities are so differentnOrder Now!nTo receive a FREE copynof Joseph Pearce’snC^E^’ biography ofnC^ Roy Campbell.nsvibstf^'” Bloomsburynand Beyond:nThe Friends and Enemiesnof Roy Campbelln•AVE-nMARIAnOrder on the web:nwww.staustinreview.comnOrder by phone:n888-343-8607nBLOOMSBURYniEYONDnQuality Softcover.n$ I 8.00 valuenIsn’t it time you learned more about the priceless heritagenthat the Church has given to Western civilization? Younowe it to yourself—and to your children or grandchildren—tonsmarten up and pass our Catholic heritage tonfuture generations. That task can’t be done by papalndecree. Each of us is obliged to do’% time to turn off the television for a few liours, andnread some intelligent Catholics who have real answers.nYou’re never too old to learnnFeatured or explained in our pages, as commentators or subjects:n• Newmann• Augustinen• Aquinasn• von Hildebrandn• Shakespearen• Solzhenitsynn• T. S. Eliotn• Hilaire Bellocn• John Paul IIn• Chestertonn• Tolkienn• C. S. Lewisn• Tom Howardn• Danten• Pope Benedict XVIn• Kreeftn• Dawsonn• Evelyn Waughn• James Schalln• And a hundred moren(so far)n• Church history: the meaning beyond mere factsnand eventsn• Anti-Catholic mythology refuted (examples: bad oldnDark Ages; anti-semitism smears; flat-earth Catholics)n• Discover the most important Catholic writers andnartists, past and present, and other endlessly underappreciatedngreatsn• The value of single conversions; long-term effects onnCatholic life and teachingsnYes! Send me Joseph Pearce’s magazine!n• One-year subscription $30.00nn Two-years for only $50.00nQ Five years just $ 135.00nQ Packet of five popular back issues $35.00nNamenAddressnnnPhonen^ .nSatisfactionnGuaranteed!nry StAR for two issuesnand cancel yournsubscription for anCity State ZipnMail this coupon and your check to:nStAR Magazine, 1331 Red Cedar Circle, Fort Collins. CO 80524.n