THE CRUSADES ^n’ I he s[ori| o the LrusaJics is one ofnL/i?ealisiii iinJi coiirajie init also of jjreec*nanO irciicherii, of chivalrous Christian kniqlits,nciiniral lornian warlords, an? self-scekinqnWnetian merchants. U’^itlim tiie qau(|npaqeant. tiiere are more tiian enouqii heroesnanO plentii of villains, Init tlie current attacl^ onntlie Crusades as notliinq niorc than Europeanniniperiafisni and I’ootmq expeditions is anreflection of multicul’tural’isni. wliose true namenis U’stern self-iiatrcd. }f iiou I’tlie jjreatnstories of liijjh adventure, appreciate brilliant’nwritinji and profound tlieolqii. then ijou willnnot want to miss tiiis Summer 5cliool.nJULY 8-13, 2008 • ROCKFORD, ILLINOISnFACULTYnThomas Heinin^ • Christopher Check • James Patrick • Fr. Hug|i BarbournREGISTRATIONnFull (all lectures and events, five nights’ lodging with breakfast, dinner)nDouble Occupancy—$645.00nSingle Occupancy—$745.00nCommuternLectures Only—$275.00nPlus Dinner—$375.00nAll prices increase $50.00 after April 15, 2008. • Returning students may deductn$25.00. • Married couples may deduct $25.00 per couple. • Prices are per studentnand do not include books on the reading list. » To inquire about scholarships fornfull-time students, contact Christopher Check at (815) 964-5811.nti^_n..’.^~-)^-i:s-%-^:7-nBeautiful riverfrontnaccommodations atnRockfords premiernhotel: CiifRireakersnRiverside Resortn{www. dijfbreakers. com] OrLN TO STLiDFNTS OF ALL AGEfnnn