ChroniclesnAMERICAN CULT R EnA MAGAZINE OFnPERSPECTIVEnD ivide and Conquer 10nby Thomas FlemingnVIEWSnThe Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan 12nby Srdja TrifkovicnFrom Good War to Bad Social Engineering 15nby Doug BandownNEWSnThe Graveyard of Empires 18nby Janek C. KazmierskinREVIEWSnOn the Quai at Smyrna 24nby Srdja TrifkovicnGiles Milton, Paradise Lost: Smyrna 1922—The Destructionnof a Christian City in the Islamic WorldnOne For the Road 27nby Derek TurnernJoe Moran, On Roads: A Hidden HistorynDead Sea Drama 29nby Jovan CulibrknRaphael Israeli, Piracy in Qumran: The Battle Overnthe Scrolls of the Pre-Christ EranA Sum of Contradictions 31nby Fr. Michael P. OrsinJoseph J. Ellis, American Creation: Triumphs and Tragediesnat the Founding of the RepublicnCORRESPONDENCEnThe Labour Minders 36nby Thomas McMahonnAve Maria 38nby Sean ScallonnVITAL SIGNSnDon Quixote at West Point 42nby Robert D. HicksonnThe New Yorker Under the Glass 45nby Catharine Savage BrosmannCOLUMNSnBetween the Lines 22nby Justin RaimondonWhat’s Wrong With the World 32nby Chilton Williamson, Jr.nHeresies 34nby Aaron D. WolfnThe Rockford Files 35nby Scott R RichertnSins of Omission 40nby Roger D. McGrathnEuropean Diary 41nby Andrei NavrozovnIn the Dark 48nThe White Ribbonnby George McCartneynUnder the Black Flag 50nby Taki TheodoracopulosnPOETRYn”Missing Mass” 21n”Soul of the North” 23nby Timothy MurphynPolemics & Exchanges 4nAmerican Proscenium 6nCultural Revolutions 7nMarch 2010 3nnn